End The Republican Sexisim Against Sarah Palin!

24 09 2008

Republicans need to end their misogynistic protection of the frail little flower that is Sarah Palin.  She’s a big girl and if she’s tough enough to be VP she’s tough enough to face the press!  Let her handle the hard questions and let the world see exactly what John McCain did in both of his fleeting conversations with her before he heard the sweet voice of Jesus whisper in his ear “she’s the ONE!”




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24 09 2008

I’m starting to like Campbell Brown….lmao….

Like Campbell said, “let her be a “real” candidate……if she’s a member of the NRA certainly she can handle the press. If she doesn’t like a question, she can just pull out her gun and shoot them. 😉

25 09 2008
Minus One

Doesn’t the GOP see how very revealing it is to continue to protect her from her own ineptness and complete lack of necessary knowledge? I think they just don’t give a shit, McCain’s campaign is a sinking ship, signified in part by his unwillingness to debate on Friday…

26 09 2008

Okay, I take it back….don’t let her speak. Keep her in a box….she is dumbing down America and it actually worked for George Bush. 😛

29 09 2008

Senator Palin is probably a good person… she seems bright, beautiful and probably learns quickly. How would we know for sure? We haven’t been exposed to her… Frankly, I don’t believe she was chosen for her qualifications, but rather to pull in the right wing conservatives and middle-class women for John McCain. It was a desperate attempt on his part.. I understand why Americans are so enamored of her. Doesn’t matter… she’s simply not qualified and she’s being humiliated. She’s over-protected by the Republicans… When one side has to spin like mad and the other side attacks. there’s something very wrong. Let her go back gracefully to Alaska … make it her decision… she should get out while she can. She doesn’t deserve to be humiliated… no one does. And she doesn’t deserve the Vice Presidency or the Presidency. You want her in a high American office? Then bring her back in four years… let her run for the Congress from her state, but do NOT elect her.

One other thing… I’m tired of hearing about John McCain being a POW/war hero and how that seems to make him ultimately qualified on all military matters. There is no one who respects our war heroes and our veterans more than I do. Senator McCain should be honored for his service to his country; however, it in no way qualifies him to be President. There are many, many war heroes… you think they’re qualified because of their exemplary performance.?Honor them… remember them…. but don’t be stupid.

3 10 2008
Palin ’S Moment

[…] End The Republican Sexisim Against Sarah Palin! […]

12 10 2008

Someone that refers to her as “Senator” Palin is EXACTLY the type of person that would vote for her

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