Deep Images

28 09 2009

They don’t get much deeper than this.  A little something for you to get your science geek on.  Happy Monday.

And Here I Thought God Had No Sense Of Humor

22 09 2009

Okay, just in case you forgot where you were I of course don’t believe in God, but if I did that fucker has one hilarious all powerful God sized sense of ironic humor.  I submit this tale of total awesomeness as evidence proof positive.

45 year old Gunther Link of Vienna, Austria was trapped in an elevator.  Being a very pious God fearing man he prayed like crazy and, of course, God delivered a rescuer who pulled him out of the elevator.  Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!

Being one to give thanks where thanks are due, Gunther went straight to his church to…well…give thanks.  There he approached the alter, placed his hands upon the monument, whereby the 860 lb  stone pillar on which the stone altar was perched fell on him, killing him instantly.

Oh that God…he is SUCH a jokester!

But then God’s divine plan had a double whammy punchline.  Gunther’s body was found by parishioners attending Mass the next day after he had been reported missing by his cousin.

Woot!  You sure got us again didn’t you God?!  You are such a loving and merciful God aren’t you?  It’s no wonder we worship you so blindly.

Troopers Keeping It Real

22 09 2009

Art imitating life imitating art.  Or, um, something like that.

Since “controlled demolition” theories are silly enough to be punch lines in Star wars parodies I don’t suppose the truthers will relent.

No, of course not.  🙂

Love the Madness,


Obama Is The Antichrist

18 09 2009

Ummmm, yeah…right.  It is troubling to think people are actually able and willing to be sucked into such a delusional mindset.  If you think someone is a demon or the devil himself, I have two words for you…

seek  therapy

Wilson Even More Wrong Than Rude

12 09 2009

Keith’s Special Comment this week takes a swat at the rude Republican troll who shouted at President Obama during his speech.  Good stuff.

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Science Is Real

9 09 2009

I thought we could simplify the argument for those out there who still cling to creationism.  You can dance along if you like.

HypnObama: All You Kids Are Belong To Us

8 09 2009

Tip of the thorny crown to Zaius Nation who has the full strength, full motion version of this image.  Many who have seen it have immediately succumb to pangs of guilt and started doing homework that was due decades before (my diorama is almost done, I swear!)

Visit at your own peril.

Then And Now

7 09 2009

As usual TMW hits it on the head.

The Greatest Show On Earth

7 09 2009

This should be a good read.  It’s on my list if anyone feels like sending me an early b-day gift.  🙂

Unconstitutional (And Unfunded) Mandate To Teach Bible Literacy In Texas

6 09 2009

Honestly you can’t make this shit upTexas law now requires schools to teach “Bible literacy” but it provides no specific guidelines, funding for materials or teacher training.  So while the intention may (or may not) have been to teach the Bible as literature, high schools are scrambling to figure out what to teach and how to teach it without tripping over separation of church and state requirements.

Now I have no problem if students are taught about the Bible so long as it is in the context of a comparative religion class.  Then the specter of evangelizing and indoctrination can be easily avoided because children are equally exposed to the histories, origins, and religious texts of numerous religions.  If, however, you’re singling one religion above all others for special attention and focus then you had better offer other classes that give similarly focused attention on other religions as well.

(kudos to Drudge Retort for the find)