Post 2010 Election Perspective

4 11 2010

After such a disappointing election where the forces of fear, bigotry, superstition, and misinformation triumphed over the proponents of hope, compassion, science, and enlightenment I needed a little something to restore my sense of perspective.  If you need a little of the same I strongly recommend you watch this.  It’s all kinds of awesome.

Religions tell children they might go to hell and they must believe…while science tells children they came from the stars and presents reasoning they can believe.

BP Finally Explains Crisis Management Methods

25 06 2010

Party Of No Devolves Again

12 04 2010

The former party of Lincoln has moved one tea-bag closer to hunkering down in the far right wing of their survival bunker and armory.  Sara “Partial-Term-Gubernatorial-Abortion” Palin gave a speech where she was bragging that the Republican party has devolved further from the simple five-year-old-tantrum style “Party of  No” to the more intentionally intransigent “Party of Hell No!

It’s not like it was that far of a journey though.  The “Hell No” is frankly far more succinct than the multitude of other labels the Republicans have been dragging around in their carpet bags since the age of Reagan.

They’ve of course always been the party of no unions but Saint Ronnie started them down the now well worn path of the party of no fiscal responsibility, the party of no health care, the party of no effective drug policy and even the party of we have no problem with apartheid.

Other proudly advertised monikers include these greats:

The party of no food regulations

The party of no financial regulations

The party of no science

The party of no military service (except for John “I can’t fly” McCain)

The party of no empathy

The party of no rational thoughts

The party of no sense of hypocrisy

The party of no consistency and no shame

The party of no uppity blacks

The party of no integrity, and of course

The party of no real ideas.

Yeah, the party of “Hell No!” is so much easier to remember.

That and it really contrasts nicely against the party of “Yes we can!”.

PS: I’m sure I missed more than a few so feel free to add to the list in the comments

Not All Wars Are Just, Some Are Just Wars

14 12 2009

Dennis makes too much sense to get any air time or attention from the media.  Here’s my small attempt to remedy that.

Obama Is The Antichrist

18 09 2009

Ummmm, yeah…right.  It is troubling to think people are actually able and willing to be sucked into such a delusional mindset.  If you think someone is a demon or the devil himself, I have two words for you…

seek  therapy

Wilson Even More Wrong Than Rude

12 09 2009

Keith’s Special Comment this week takes a swat at the rude Republican troll who shouted at President Obama during his speech.  Good stuff.

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HypnObama: All You Kids Are Belong To Us

8 09 2009

Tip of the thorny crown to Zaius Nation who has the full strength, full motion version of this image.  Many who have seen it have immediately succumb to pangs of guilt and started doing homework that was due decades before (my diorama is almost done, I swear!)

Visit at your own peril.

Then And Now

7 09 2009

As usual TMW hits it on the head.

Speaking Truth To Stupid

6 09 2009

John Harwood drops a hot steaming bag of truth at the doorstep of right wing provocateurs, lights it on fire, and rings the doorbell.

About fucking time someone called it like it is.

Town Hall Protesters vs Remote Area Medical Patients

16 08 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Real Time’s Real Reporter Dana Gould makes a good contrast between the protesters with health care and the people who actually need health care.

Update: Here’s the link in case the video above isn’t working for you.  You’re welcome.