About Super Jesus

Not to be confused with that other lesser Jesus character, I am a character who is trying to bring you the good news of skepticism, rational thought, and reason. Do you disagree with something I’ve said? Good, leave a comment and let’s get the conversation on. What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof, so if you have a faith or belief don’t just bring your argument, bring me your evidence.

Evangelically yours (in a completely heterosexual way)

Super J.

80 responses

7 03 2008
Scott Horn

Fuck yea SuperJesus, fuck ’em up!

19 11 2016
Super Dawkins

Eight years later and this blog has made no difference to the cause of atheism where atheists are now seen as pseudo-intellectuals and pretensious arrogant neckbeards who can only sprout rhetoric and attack religion. All while failing to form any argument against theism or logical evidence to support their atheist philosophy.

Atheism is still in the same position as it was in the time of ancients, a controversial opinion with little reasoning to support it, it merely appeals to those with a rebel rejection to authority and those of little knowledge of philosophy.

21 11 2016

Look at you using big words. But it should be “spout rhetoric” not “sprout rhetoric”. If you’re going to try to tell us how dumb we are at least use the correct idioms.

7 03 2008

Hey there SJ, long-time-listener-first-time-caller…I’m a little nervous…but I’ve been a big fan, a really big fan, for…let’s see…exactly 50 weeks. I dig your new digs and especially like your groovy banner. What a beautiful sunrise. A fitting image for a new start in a new locale. Go get ’em, babe.

Yours in a usually heterosexual way,

AliasK, redhead.

7 03 2008

I look forward to following your teachings and if you do that last supper thing again, do you think I can order some mozzarella sticks? Let me know if I can ever help out with a gospel or two as well. Can you tell I am angling for one of those super apostle spots?

12 03 2008

A while ago I posted something called “The Great American God Complex” It was in the running to be my blog title. I get what you are trying to do and thanks.

And yes please, blogroll away. I’ll return the favor. Maybe I’ll crack 20 hits a week!

13 03 2008

EARTH>>> s u p e r j e s u s has found you all! – but you may call me gsus, and here are my shoes…


I was a graphic designer with a sony walkman before my career as a profit…



oh! I have web-content… and superjesus is an aussie band if it matters!

14 03 2008
#1Super Groupie

Just keep posting awesome blogs and they will follow….or you can just smite them. 🙂 You Rock, SJ!

21 03 2008
Steven Young

Praise you dear jeezus (sp?)! I’ve always hoped god would put a webpage up! Again, we win…technology may bring porn to billions via internet, but we will help spread your word to many (maybe hundreds!) on this brilliant site! Thank you jeezus!

15 04 2008

tasty diety. who’s your trainer? same guy as Sly?

25 05 2008

Just enlightened by the fact that jesus had a muscular shape at years of 40!!!

Great site btw.


Just another faithful adherent of agnosticism.

27 05 2008

How do you rectify the Truth of FSM?

27 05 2008

@Chris: Preferably with a little Alfredo sauce and garlic bread.

30 08 2008

Rock me sexy Jesus!

31 08 2008
Lobster Johnson

Does he have a boner in that picture?

6 09 2008
Mike harring

Alas an alternative to the Rightwing shitheads who claim to be real Christians who are in the same camp with the corporate fucks! Jesus and those early Christian communities were socialist and communial by nature.Jesus even said”The last shall be first and the first shall be last!”

19 11 2016
Super Dawkins

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

Jesus and the early Christians were not socialists, what they did in Church and for spiritual matters (private) is totally different to the politics they accepted (public). It’s a shame dumbass liberals have a hard time comprehending the idea of charity as an individual vs economical politics as a nation.

21 11 2016

It’s adorable how you need to twist ancient fairy tales to justify your selfishness and greed.

14 10 2008

You can say whatever you want about him but there is one thing for sure his LOVE for us is so great.No matter what he still loves you.But watch out about what you say to him cause one day you may regret.Remember the end is near so be prepare.GOD blezz.

20 10 2008
fuck you

fuck you asshole dickfuck cockswine faggotwad peice of shit mother fucker dicksnot

20 10 2008

I think someone was on a roll because “cockswine”, well, that just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe he’s suggesting I’m a rooster cross bred with a pig? I don’t know but I’m guessing from the context of the rest of his comment it can’t be good.

25 08 2009
Saint Steven


Obviously A poor soul that is possesed by a god-hating tourette syndrome demon.

‘Tis the only way one could utter such blasphemies.

I know that in your goodness and mercy you have already forgiven him and healed him.

Saint Steven

5 11 2008

I like the internet because I can find my fellow atheists, whereas otherwise, we are a quiet minority in this very stupidly “religulous” country.

2 02 2009

This web site is the product of an unhappy person.

14 04 2009

It appears someone posted that “Timotheus” comment under an old screen name of mine. Rest assured it was not I who did so. Just wanted to clear that up, SJ.

15 04 2009

I would never confuse you for that toolbag. We’re all good. 🙂

2 02 2009

@Timotheus: You’re projecting again…Cheer up man.

5 02 2009

you have too much time on your hands….

much too much…..

love the site…..simple neat and to the point…

can’t go wrong with that….

24 02 2009
Lobsang Tengyie

Do do that voo-doo that you do so well!

Viagra Buddha

29 03 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

1 04 2009

Would you like to have lunch with a PhD scientist and ARN contributer? Or is this just for show? Let me know.


1 04 2009

What do you have in mind?

1 04 2009

If you had questions for a scientist regarding creation/evolution what would they be?
Do you think that Science and Religion can coexist?
Do you think one can prove the other and vise versa?
How much faith does the bible say is needed to go to heaven?
In the same way you would expect a scientist to PROVE creation to you, can you PROVE evolution to him.

Here is what I am thinking – You tell me if you are interested in meeting first of all and why. I thought that this would be good because you are scientifically minded.

If you are interested, lets meet some Saturday afternoon.
Bring your questions, not arguments.
Bring your curiosity, not anger
Bring your open-mindedness, and look objectively – not letting the experiences you have had with others ruin the experince you could have with God.
Consider also, that science is not the ONLY domain that TRUTH can be derrived from.
And let’s have some dialog on this topic.
This would not be for the public entertainment of your Super Jesus crowd. I do this because I actually care about you and not for the sake of winning an argument.

There are a lot of people who believe a lot of things blindly. I’m not one of those people.

As a side note: I rather enjoyed Hitchens vs Dinesh D’Souza. I did not see that one published on your site.


1 04 2009

A proper response has been created HERE.

Super J.

2 06 2009
Jesus Crist

Las Vegas is in America 🙂

21 08 2009
Saint Steven

I can’t believe how good this place is!!
So glad I stumbled in here.
Such great videos and perspectives!!

I will be checking in regularly
(in a heterosexual way)

Saint Steven

21 08 2009

Very kind of you. Stop back often.


2 09 2009
George Malakas

Please check out the following stellar website:


I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, as I did.

Great blog, BTW.

4 09 2009
Steven Adams

Thanks for that website….very good!
and thanks to SJ for this place,
Saint Steven

17 09 2009
Saint Steven

Just caught the Hitler series,…. wiping tears of hysterical laughter.
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work and how you have helped me wade thru some tuff thinking.

I am so glad that you have this place.
Saint Steven

22 09 2009
George Malakas


4 02 2010

Here is what i know and why i believe in God, from more of a scientific standpoint. Well according to the laws of physics, in order for something to exist it must be composed of either matter of energy. And the first law of thermodynamics clearly states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and that energy is eternal. Meaning no beginning, un-created, or no end. So what is this great energy? Just look at the complexity of the stars, the way the planets are aligned, the human body, etc. Look at how perfect the earth is set up. The earth’s size is perfect. Any smaller and it would be impossible to sustain an atmosphere, any bigger or closer to the sun we would just be like Mercury. Any smaller the earth would contain too much free hydrogen and be just like Jupiter. Look at how everything corresponds, the Sun heats up the proper places of the planet, keeps us warm, helps our crops grow etc. The moon also plays a big factor, provides some light at night, keeps the oceans flowing and moving so they do not stagnate, yet also restrains them from over flooding the continents. Look at DNA, the way we are programmed, remarkably almost like a computer. The human eye, can distinguish between 7 million different colors and and can hold an astounding 1.5 messages at the same time. Many other examples, anyhow the bottom line the earth is very complex. Again what was this energy?

Well, the insane complexity of the universe suggests that it’s quite impossible that it was just some big, random, vague, unconscious energy source. So rather, the most logical explanation would be that an extremely intelligent, immensely powerful God/Intelligence created this earth, as well as the entire universe. A buddy of mine told me that people who believe in a God or a higher power are foolish because he is not visible. But the Christian has a reason and means of explaining why some things are the way they are. Athiests just kind of believe life spontaneously sprouted from pond scum and somehow magically from some sort of lightning bolt, that the chemicals and materials therein were able to randomly assort themselves into a highly complex, structured, living organism. Is that scientific, logical, or sensible at all? Honestly friend to be an athiest it to just believe in a blind faith really. The strange proposition that this universe originated in some sort of cipher and aimlessly rushes nowhere, indeed it is quite foolish. And where do morals come from? The soul? Can science or evolutionary theories explain such things? No, because science cannot obtain the answers to everything.

A friend once said, “Well look at how large and vast the universe is? its like the lottery if you buy a trillion lottery tickets then one is bound to be a winner.” that was in regard probability of how the universe may have been created…but even that theory is debunked because science has proven the universe did not always exist. Of course there isnt any absolute, in-your-face proof by the worldly standard because then that would take away from the element of faith. But it seems to me the most logical explanation is a higher power at work. Even if God was somehow disproven it would not cultivate any peace for you. Only delusion. Jay Homnick once said, “Once you allow the intellect to consider that an elaborate organism, with trillions of microscopic interactive componets, can be an accident, you have essentially lost your mind.”

Jesus is the only way and he loves and forgives everyone, regardless of what you’ve done!!! Please give Him the chance He deserves, after all, he certainly gave you a chance when He died on that cross, didn’t He?

May God’s love warm your heart, as it has mine. ^_^

4 02 2010
Super Jesus

Help me out with the logic here. What you are saying is:

1) The universe is really really big and the diversity of life is very confusing and I don’t understand the first thing about science (much less the 1st law of thermodynamics), therefore…

2) I can confidently assert that there is an invisible, untouchable, unknowable other dimensional being that exists, who created everything in the universe, and I know all this because he spoke to illiterate tribesmen thousands of years ago before some committee in Turkey finally got around to writing down these stories in 325A.D.

Well, I guess when you put it that way I guess it makes perfect sense. I wish someone had made this compelling argument to me earlier so I could have avoided nurturing all these critical thinking skills I’ve been developing my whole life and just blindly bought into whatever impossible nonsense the church tells me to.

Life is so much simpler now that every legitimate question can be answered with a definitive “God did it”.

Why does the sun rise? “God did it.”

Why are there so many stars in the sky? “God did it.”

Why do over 100,000 children die of cancer every year. “God did it!”

See how easy life is now!

10 01 2011

If the world is so perfect, then why do rabbits (biologically) have to eat their own shit to survive?
The thing about life ” magically coming from pond scum ” is that we had a chemical stew sitting around for a few BILLION YEARS. That is such an incomprehensible stretch of time that really, anything could happen. Rotting apricots could gain sentience in that stretch of time. And slowly some evidence has popped up as to how life was formed. Slowly, but of course this would be difficult to test. So yes, i am confident that over Billions of years, One tiny rock ammong billions, probably trillions of stars could sprout a complex collection of proteins able to reproduce itself. We very may well be the only life int he entierety of it all. I think this luck is more plausible tan the alternative.

4 02 2012

Super jesus????? Something christians don’t want to hear?

15 02 2012

Glad to see ur still shouting truth to them. Unfortunately they may have gotten dumber than the last time we corresponded. I’m back at blogging. Mokenman

8 05 2017

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30 08 2017

Alan — Ha ha!! From the time I know you spend at bars and lounges in Orlando, you’re well on your way to winning that prize! I agree about O’Gills! Looks like a blast!Marci — Ha ha! No way on that liquid diet thing — there are too many delicious entrees to pass them up! (Plus, the alcohol will cost you while the entrees are PRE-PAID!) My fingers are crossed that you can convince hubby! Would love to hear your reviews on the restaurants here.

16 02 2012

What about Jesus wearing a superhero suit? And he would fly in the skies and fight againt a demon madman?

30 06 2012
carl spann

There was underground comix called ‘SUPERJESUS’ with him wearing a superhero costume

1 07 2012

Yeah, that was probably all about me.

3 09 2012

tumhari maaki choot tumhari ma kaa bhosra tera maa ko fuck dare u how u put prophet mohammed pbuh cartoon teri maaaki chooooooooooooooooot

9 11 2012


9 11 2012

did god make all the catholic priest fuck little kids too? Did he instill the denial genes into the catholic church workers, did he invent paper shredders to shed all the evidence before the cops got there to collect it? Did god decide and pre determine which boy would be fucked by his priests? And above all which priests should do the fucking? Fuck yeah god you are the best and so is the catholic church especially if all this is because of god. Well I suppose god made us all and he can get his people to fuck us all when we are 6-14 years of age, he has the power!!!!

9 03 2013

Why is this blog, which is about rational thought, skepticism and reason called ‘Super Jesus’? You are not biased against/in favour of some particular religion(s) right?

9 03 2013

Fair question. To be clear I’m against all religions. That said I’m in the U.S. and given that I’m predominantly surrounded by Christians they (by mere proximity) annoy me the most. I thought it would be especially poetic to annoy them by using a super version of their icon to promote rational thought and science.

8 05 2017

Wonderful story, reckoned we could combine some unrelated inorfmation, nevertheless genuinely worth taking a look, whoa did one particular understand about Mid East has got far more problerms as well

24 05 2017

Sylvia assino embaixo do que vc disse; é por isso que eu quero voltar pro meu 38-40. Nem precisa ser 36 mais (eu tava magra demais) mas eu curto usar roupa mais justa (dentro do que é apropriado pra mim, lógico; não quero parecer uma balzaca tentando passar por menina)

10 03 2013

The world around is full of people with shrouded reason…they cover their eyes with their own hands. They seek the ‘ultimate truth’, in emotional and mystical realms which are filled by the religion. Their cups are full and their senses decieve them. It is difficult to reason with that state. You can choose to stand only on one of the river banks at a time. So at best, a dialectic would be plausible with those sharing your bank. To the others, your effort might as well sound like an abuse in some foreign language; as many of the reactions tell that they do. Being against any religion won’t make it easier either…for that too is biasedness. It is easy to climb on either of the banks. But then, what you have resolved to do isn’t an easy task, is it?
Just some random thoughts…english is not my first language, so pardon any mistakes.
Btw You have a great hobby there.
Kudos n happy blogging

10 03 2013

You are better with English as a second language than I am with it as my first. No apologies necessary.

My being against all religions isn’t about bias or taking an “easier” path, it’s about assessing evidence and using reason in an attempt to determine what is true.

Our senses might be fooled, but they are our only portals to what is real. Religion, with all of its unfounded mystical stories, serves only to obfuscate what is true and imply intention (or ultimate truth if you prefer) to a world where there is none.

Besides, how do you choose the “correct” religion out of all those available? Most stipulate that theirs is the only “true” religion so you can’t be intellectually honest and suggest that they are all true. To be more crass about it, how do you decide which invisible man is the best looking?

8 05 2017

“Hrithik is thrilled to play an out and out negative ronntIlteres.iegly, the upcoming third installment of Spiderman too has lead actor Toby Maguire wearing a dark spidey suit and struggling to battle his demons.”This is really unfair. Koi sequence hona chahiye bhai. After part 1, it is fair to make Spider-man 2 as Krrish 2. Why going after SM-3??? Is it not reserved for Krrish 3???

5 09 2017
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Accademia dei Pedanti wroteEconoma, forse non hai considerato che la chatte, e anche le chat, in argot ha un significato che l'italiano gatta non ha. 😀 Possiamo anche parlare del termine "pussy" o di "beaver", sempre rimanendo nel campo zoologico. Il problema è quello che è spuntato tempo fa cercando "torta" (e sorvoliamo su tutti i personaggi dei fumetti, dall'impero del Topo a quelli dal Belgio rappresentanti omini cianotici).

11 03 2013

It wasn’t the structure I was concerned about but the meaning. And it seems I have failed there.Plus, I believe there is a greater tendency for equivocation if you don’t share the culture of a language.Anyways, I tried my best to choose the words. How could you really reason anything if you already know from the begining itself that u’ve got to reason only against it?Wouldn’t that be a case of obfuscation too? It’s quite credible that most of the people are likely to know the flaws in their own religion better than any other by the mere fact of proximity,if they choose to see and question. Your being the superjesus, the radical atheist, i presume has something to do with that.
I’m surprised how I conveyed the need to choose the ”correct’ religion in my words. It would be foolish be on any such pursuit.
Let me make it clear that I am not suggesting anything to do with believing or non-believing/truism/falsity on any/all/whatsoever religion.
thanks n regards

16 03 2013

Being a Christian myself, I have a few things to say (don’t worry, no negative thoughts). We were designed to question. I agree with some of what you’re saying, namely “using reason in an attempt to determine what is true.” Well, if we talk about truth let’s understand that it is not subjective. Truth is absolute; it is independent of what you and I think. If you ask people why Jesus came, yes it was to give us life, but more than that, it was to bring truth.
What truth? Well, that there is a God and we can actually know Him.

It’s fun to make this about intelligence. Well, I’m an engineer AND a Christian. I question everything. And through that process Jesus has found me, and now I really do know what truth is. Einstein, who I’m sure you’ll concede was kind of smart, said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Don’t get me wrong, I hate religion just like you. Because religion says that if you DO such and such, you can make yourself better. Well, true Christians, know that we cannot make ourselves better. That is why Jesus came.

Anywho, I suppose you could call me a Creationist as that would be a blend of science and Christianity. But this isn’t a quip about the sad joke of evolution. All I’ll say is this, evolution in it’s most basic form states that “given enough time positive mutations will occur and things will leap from simple to complex.” Well, unfortunately, everything goes from order to disorder AND there is no such thing as a positive of useful mutation. Infinite time will NEVER produce something more complex – period. Which makes more sense: that we evolved from nothing (essentially) – which basically means our existence is an accident and we mean nothing, or that we were designed and created by a creator that built us each to know him and to be used for a specific purpose? I don’t know about you, but option 2 excites me a lot more! We were created, ultimately, to have a relationship with our creator. I believe that the innate human desire to question why we are here, and what is the meaning of life has been built into us. The end of that search lies in Jesus Christ. You will never truly know who you are, and WHY you are without Jesus.

I must apologize for the many ignorant and hateful things that many of my fellow “Christians” have most likely said to many of you in the past. The truth is, none of us is perfect, nor should we claim to be. We are all broken and messed up. The only difference between you and I is that I know I’m broken, I know that I’m not perfect, but I have found the point, the meaning of life and he is working in me to be more loving and more forgiving. The meaning of life is, first and foremost, to be in relationship with God. You want fulfillment? You want peace? You want purpose? Jesus is the answer. Life doesn’t get better nor is it made perfect, but I am given a hope and a strength to live a REAL life because of Him.

Sorry for jumping around a bunch. But understand, that we are all on our own path. None of us is an accident. We have ALL been created for a purpose (you are the way you are for a reason). And life, true life, lies only in Jesus Christ, not Super Jesus! 🙂

God bless each and every one of you!

17 03 2013


21 06 2013

This site needs resurrection. 😉

17 11 2013

This just in Super Jesus takes hard line with sinners “So your a sinner and heading to hell. There’s one question ya gotta ask your self ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya punk?”

28 12 2014
Gum Boocho

Get back in touch with us after you rise from the dead following a crucifixion.

28 12 2014

Pfft, your Jesus only had to deal with a few splinters and a bad case of tetanus, I’ve come back from stage 3 throat cancer. Next!

13 01 2015
Mark and two Cats

If jesus were crucified again, would he feel double crossed?

13 01 2015

Ba dum bum. 🙂

13 01 2015
Mark and two Cats

SuperJesus looks way buff – he must be a cross-trainer.

He should change his loincloth for some stylish gym shorts though. Oh wait – that would make him a cross-dresser! (in a completely heterodoxical way)

14 11 2015
Matthew Ray

Hi, i wanted to use one of the cartoons you have on your site to mock muhammed.
I would like to edit the one that says ‘ Seriously guys. Lighten up’ to read ‘jihadis are cowards’ or similarly ridiculing of the latest attack in france.
Google said they were copyright to your site.

15 11 2015

Do as you like, they’re not mine. I’m not sure why Google is citing me as the copyright holder because I’ve just collected the images from around the Internet under the auspices of fair use. Best of luck.

20 11 2015
bechara souaaid

What about saying
“Atheist are idiots”

would you accept it ?
if no, stop mocking others.
if yes, not only Atheist are idiots, You too.

20 11 2015

Well to be fair I don’t accept that “Atheists are idiots” because it’s not true, but that has no bearing on mocking others. In fact the whole premise of this site isn’t to mock others per se but to mock their *ideas* which is completely fair game. Just because you choose to get all butthurt when someone points out that you have imaginary friends isn’t my problem.

19 11 2016
Super Dawkins

Seems you’re butthurt over people calling atheism stupid (which it is).

21 11 2016

Hardly. I’m not the one with an imaginary friend.

24 01 2020

Ok came to say one thing , if you hate muslims its fine you are not forced to like us , but lay off and stop trying to minimize us , you have your beliefs we have ours its not like you are the only person who live in this world !
Plus islam now is spreading without guns or wars care to explain that ? So dude stop it do something useful in your life no one forced you to be a muslim or to have any kind of relationship with us
Just take a break enjoy your life you will regret not enjoying it

5 02 2020

I don’t hate Muslims any more than I hate Christians or any other religious people, I just like to make fun of their silly beliefs in invisible imaginary friends. 🙂

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