A Real Dope Track

24 03 2010

…and what a dope indeed.

10:00am alarm? Really? How late were you cruisin’ for some Christ like “love for his fellow man” there? And as I’m sure you’re well aware, it’s not a sin to put another follower’s little Jesus in your mouth (even if Grandpa’s floppy little savior spits a little).

Stay impressively tough and completely heterosexual there you mighty faith warrior you.

The Literal Story Of Creation

8 03 2010

To all you well read Bible literalists out there, please feel free to comment on the mistakes in this video. I certainly wouldn’t want to get the story wrong you know.

Clever Monkeys

8 03 2010

Some of our cousins in this video are more capable than some half-term Alaskan Governors I can think of.

Don’t Swallow Your Moral Code In Tablet Form

4 03 2010