A Forgiving God?!

7 11 2012

Adam and Eve

I honestly don’t know what Christians are talking about when they tell me God is a loving and forgiving god.

Really? I mean according to the Bible He’s willing to torture every human who has ever and will ever live because the first two people he created stole a piece of fruit from a tree.

Okay to be fair some will say that it wasn’t about the apple per se’ but it was because they disobeyed God and because it gave them the knowledge of good and evil?

But wait, I still don’t know why he’s mad.

1) Every kid disobeys their parent at some point or another (it’s what kids do).

2) I would WANT my kids to know the difference between good and bad

3) He’s God…he could easily erase that knowledge or, if he’s really stuck, why not  just kill Adam and Eve off, cut down the fruit tree, and make Adam and Eve 2.0 from scratch. Why prove how “forgiving” you are by punishing everyone else for eternity because one couple committed misdemeanor petit theft?

Then again God was kind of a moron for putting the tree there in the first place so expecting him to be rational about all the rest of it just wouldn’t make any sense would it?

Greatest story ever told.  Yeah, right.