A Thought Experiment For You

24 02 2010

Before you read the article below, do you consider yourself to be more creative(in which you see the big picture, make broad associations and connect disparate ideas) or analytical (in which your brain zooms in and focuses on details)?

Got an answer? Okay, now go read THIS article from Scientific American.

Now what do you think? Do you think it’s accurate?

Conservatives And Their Gay Hating Fixation

23 02 2010

What is with Republicans and their relentless hate of all things homosexual? Some of these people seem otherwise intelligent and yet they can’t recognize iron age bigotry for what it is. No, instead they delude themselves that there is an invisible being who spoke to illiterate desert nomads thousands of years ago and told them that He loves all of the creatures He created in His world…except of course for the fagots.

To any Republicans who might stumble on this post: Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with your brains?! Quit letting you leaders dupe you with their fear mongering and manipulations, stop being ignorant lemmings and THINK FOR YOURSELVES FOR A CHANGE!! I’m trying to help here because you look like the biggest douche-bags in history!

Ethics By Man, Morality By God

20 02 2010

CPAC, Gays, And God

20 02 2010

I have a twofer for you today. First let’s start off with a little Republican homophobic appetizer from the recent CPAC convention. It’s nice to see someone other than Sarah “she’s not slow, she’s special” Palin fly their bigot flag high and proud.

Excellent. And now we can move on to the main course of rational thought about gays and God.

I don’t know about you but one of these gentlemen makes a lot of sense and the other one is a repressed homosexual raging in denial about his insatiable hunger to have man meat in every available orifice of his flabby puss seeping, hypocrisy choked body.

From Quantum Foam To The Universe

19 02 2010

This is a great interactive page that gives you a little sense of scale from the very smallest to the very largest. Please check it out.

Scale of the Universe

U.S. Jail Statistics

7 02 2010

Wow…just wow.

Another reason to feel embarrassed for America and another reason to hate the military industrial complex and big business in general.

The Third & The Seventh

5 02 2010

Simply amazing. If you can, switch this to HD and full screen. Watch it to the end and be amazed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Only once you’ve watched that should you watch this. It makes what you just saw that much more amazing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Welcome To My New Exercise Regimen

4 02 2010

Because all that swimming was making me wet.Ā  No, wait, not like that, I mean the water actually…oh never mind.