Of Science and Lies

15 10 2012

It’s beyond frustrating to look at those who populate the congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

The Committee’s chair, Texas’ Ralph Hall, when asked about the evidence that humans were altering the climate, replied, “I don’t think we can control what God controls.”

Add to him intellectual giants like Missouri’s Todd “legitimate rape” Akin and Georgia’s Paul Broun.  Broun recently said that “…evolution and embryology and the Big Bang Theory…all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell.”

It’s one thing if your crazy brother believes this crap, but these are congressmen who make decisions that effect all of us.  The Republicans get to choose this committee’s membership so if you’re an intelligent Republican you should call your congressman to express your embarrassment and outrage that they keep putting people this willfully ignorant on this critical committee.

Scientists are also sexy, let's not forget that.