Art And Protest

30 04 2008

The only way to protect our right to free speech is to USE IT!

This recent video about the Freeway Blogger reminded me of another favorite political artist from the UK…Banksy Do check out this short news story about his work or you can see many of his pieces from all over the world HERE

Intelligent Design Creates Mostly Unintelligent Candidates

28 04 2008

I can’t tell you how much I wish Huckabee was still in the Republican race. When he opens his mouth the stream of absurdities that comes forth is simply joyous to behold.

So to be clear, 150 years of multidisciplinary scientific evidence means Evolution is just “dogma” while there is “growing evidence” in support of Intelligent Design…we just haven’t found any of it yet.

That is just fantastic…and by fantastic I mean astonishingly ignorant.

Not surprisingly our current president is in the same camp as this dim opportunist. But this begs the question of where do our current crop of presidential candidates stand on this litmus test of rational thinking faculties?

John McCain: (FAIL) In an August 2005 interview with Arizona Daily Star Sen. John McCain endorsed teaching “intelligent design” in the nation’s schools because like Bush he believes

“all points of view should be available to students studying the origins of mankind. The theory of intelligent design says life is too complex to have developed through evolution, and that a higher power must have had a hand in guiding it.”

Sorry John, just because you don’t understand evolution and the science behind it you don’t get to peddle whatever superstition is most popular in science class.  FAIL!

Barack Obama: (PASS) In a recent interview Obama said

“I’m a Christian, and I believe in parents being able to provide children with religious instruction without interference from the state. But I also believe our schools are there to teach worldly knowledge and science. I believe in evolution, and I believe there’s a difference between science and faith. That doesn’t make faith any less important than science. It just means they’re two different things. And I think it’s a mistake to try to cloud the teaching of science with theories that frankly don’t hold up to scientific inquiry.”

I can work with that.  Teach whatever nuttiness you want to at home but science class is reserved for real science and not rebranded religion.  PASS!

Hillary Clinton: (PASS and FAIL): While it was surprisingly difficult to find her position on this it wasn’t surprising that the best quote I found showed her being as vague as possible trying to play both sides of the issue. Following a speech critiquing the Bush administration’s science policies, Clinton said

“I believe in evolution, and I am shocked at some of the things that people in public life have been saying. I believe that our founders had faith in reason and they also had faith in God, and one of our gifts from God is the ability to reason.”

Ah yes, the old I believe we evolved over millions of years…but God the creator gave us reason.  That type of parsing and equivocating is exactly why I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. Can you not take a stand on something as simple and clear cut as this?   Either show us that you have the reasoning skills of a fifth grader or you let your religious freak flag fly…but please just pick one!  I changed my mind…FAIL!

Hopeful Hopelessness

27 04 2008

Bill’s guest Jeffrey Sachs pretty much summed up my feelings. Now if we could just get the election moved up a little so we could get on with an administration that isn’t hell bent on ruining this country planet even more.

Movie Review: The Holiday

25 04 2008

It was our one year anniversary and I decided to offer romantic gifts. Since I’m not one for the typical romantic comedy there was one gift that was a standout…a DVD of “The Holiday“.  We watched the movie, but looking at the other reviews we were apparently less impressed than the typical Amazon customer. Today Amazon dropped me a note asking for a review of my purchases and I couldn’t help but want to leave one for this “lovable love story with all the Christmas trimmings”. Below is that review.

Imagine Ten Year Old Moldy Fruitcake…And You’re Almost There

I deserve a medal because I watched it all. After a terrible beginning that only set up my complete lack of concern for the main characters I couldn’t help but finish it just to satisfy my compulsive rubbernecking at such an appalling train wreck of cinema.

The only interesting thing Cameron Diaz has ever done on film was to smear ejaculate in her hair, so it comes as no surprise that this film only serves to further confirm that she cannot act to save her pouting excuse for a life.

Jack Black on the other hand serves as the nexus of insult and injury for this celluloid tragedy. Given his past offbeat brilliance in delivering movie stealing performances in other films it’s difficult to imagine dialog so flat and lifeless that he cannot wring one crumb of comic pungency from it. This unfortunately even rendered the over the top Black crippled under such hapless writing and directing.

Kate Winslet was apparently also in the movie (the box tells me so) but her performance was so transparent as to render her lost into the corner of my memory vacuum that is usually reserved for things like VCR user manuals and anniversary dates. I’m sure she could have been great but I can’t quite recall.

Then there is Jude Law, the one shining star in this galaxy of craptasticness. His performance was sufferable given the unspeakable playscript he was handed. Alas it was his tremendous good looks that saved me from wanting a full refund for the 136 minutes of my life wasted because my girlfriend was so effectively turned on just staring at his hotness (while ignoring the inane dialog he was forced to deliver) that the sex afterwards was even more spectacular than usual.

Hence, “The Holiday” musters one star instead of none.

Florida: The Open Fly Below The Bible Belt

24 04 2008

Florida is once again contemplating a license plate that pushes the boundaries of constitutional common sense.  According to the Associated Press the Florida state legislature is considering a specialty plate with a design that includes a Christian cross, a stained-glass window and the words “I Believe.”

Not surprisingly, the plate’s sponsor Rep. Bullard is not shy about showing his rank hypocrisy and doesn’t think all groups should be able to express their preference. When asked if atheists wanted an “I Don’t Believe” plate, he responded that he would probably oppose it.

I for one would definitely get the “I Believe” plate and then put this bumper sticker next to it just to flummox the logic of the faithful.

What The Hell Is Wrong With 28% Of Americans?

22 04 2008

It was announced today that President Bush is THE most unpopular president in the 70 years Gallup has been around to take surveys. Bush easily eclipsed previous record of 67% held by Harry Truman with an impressive 69% disapproval rating.

This didn’t surprise me at all and I seriously doubt this surprises you either.

Anyone who has suffered fewer than two strokes and/or only does crack three times a week knows that Bush is a miserable failure of the highest order. Most of us recognize that he’s not only incompetent but he’s quite the accomplished asshole too.

No, what flummoxed me was that 28% of Americans APPROVE of his presidency. You have to contextualize these numbers by noting that mental retardation is only present in about 2 to 3 percent of the population…so that doesn’t even come close to covering the spread.

I can’t even imagine how much glue I’d have to sniff before I would find myself on the fence about Bush’s performance much less approve of it.

Let’s break up the numbers a little. According to Gallup 66% of Republicans approve while only 32% disapprove. Maybe Republicans are overwhelmingly stupid but I’m betting they’re more likely to just be too embarassed that he is the best their party could muster and they can’t add insult to injury by admitting what a fuckwit he really is.

Compare that with Democrats where 91% disapprove of the job he’s doing. No surprise there except that again I’m struck by the idea that there are 9% of Democrats that are ambiguous or approve of Bush’s presidency. Who are these Democrats? Lieberman is only the only “Democrat” I can imagine that would cast that ballot, and Gallup would reject him as a Republican shill anyhow.

Hold your breath people because there are still 272 days left in this presidency and I don’t think George is done breaking this record. Oh no, I have money that he can hit at least 72% disapproval before he’s done. Anyone want to bet against me?

Tail Wags The Military Industrial Complex

21 04 2008

After reading this article in the NY Times this Sunday I was left conflicted. In brief the Times makes a compelling case showing how the Bush administration used military contracts to compel military pundits to promote their pro Iraq war propaganda in the media. Still, I’m left feeling that they’re only getting half the story.

Some of these former military officals were conflicted and spoke out against the bogus intelligence they were being fed, but the pressure to carry pentagon’s water or lose huge military contracts was far too great for some of them. These men in many cases might have personally benefited but I like to think that honor would prevent most of them from blindly advocating false information when soliders lives were at stake. They were being manipulated and the lucrative contracts simply made the lies they were being told that much easier to believe.

No, these former soldiers are just cogs in a far more massive war machine. Pundits are being influenced to help a Bush administration that is getting its imperialist agenda from the military industrial complex in the first place. Eisenhower had it right, and while this story may not have the evidence to close that loop conclusively the trail of money and the fingerprints left on our foreign policy should leave little doubt who is really making the decisions here.

Bad Apples Not News Worthy

21 04 2008

Taking A Little Break

20 04 2008

A few new blog entries are building steam, I just needed a break. Here’s a video that just seemed to capture a kind of interesting mood.

You can see some more of Gotye’s stuff (pronounced “gore-ti-yeah” in Australian English) HERE.

Republicans Redefine Hope

14 04 2008

(Source: Slate)