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You will either love or hate these depending on your disposition. I’m like a ray of sunshine made out of little pink kittens, so I rather like them.

Rational Humanism:

American Atheists Interview Douglas Adams:

Lewis Black on Religion:

Joe Rogan and the Ark:

Beyond Belief 2006 – Session 4 (consciousness): 



Impeachment Would Be Nice:

Sound Plausible?:

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12 09 2012
مسلم شريف بدينة

“إن محمدًا [صلى الله عليه وسلم] كان الرجل الوحيد في التاريخ الذي نجح بشكل أسمى وأبرز في كلا المستويين الديني والدنيوي .. إن هذا الاتحاد الفريد الذي لا نظير له للتأثير الديني والدنيوي معًا يخوّله أن يعتبر أعظم شخصية ذات تأثير في تاريخ البشرية”. (العالم الأمريكي مايكل هارث)

12 09 2012
8 01 2015

Translated: “That Muhammad [ peace be upon him] was the only man in history who succeeded in the highest and most prominent in both the religious and secular levels .. This unique Union, which is unparalleled religious and secular influence together authorizes be considered the greatest figure of influence in the history of mankind . ” ( American Michael Harth world )”

Yeah, whatever. His most extreme devoted followers are still ignorant
assholes. https://thesuperjesus.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/more-prophet-muhammad-cartoon-madness/

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