The Bigger Trainwreck of the 2014 Midterm Election

7 11 2014

After this past electoral trainwreck I invited the few Republican friends I have left on social media how a party that seems to exclusively serve the financial interests of the top 1% still manages to convince enough people outside of that demographic to vote (in my opinion) against their own self interests and win elections? What are the specific policies the Republicans champion that make you vote Republican, and how do you feel those policies serve your interests?

Not surprisingly the conversation quickly devolved into so much mud slinging of talking points and propaganda from both sides.

The theory I was looking to test is that neither Dems or Repubs are really on *our* side…the 99%. Both parties use BS rhetorical tricks and straw men to get us to rally behind one team or another, but it’s all under false pretenses because in the end the fluff issues like abortion or gay rights or guns or welfare or immigration are important-ish, but in reality they don’t matter to the real end-game. It’s all just cake and circuses to keep us distracted while the politicians sell us out and give all our money to corporations, rich political backers, and the military industrial complex.

One commenter observed how poor people received government subsidised cell phones and then sold them.  But so what?  For the cost of one Hellfire missile we can give nearly 100 poor people subsidised cell phones for a year. Sure, some people will just sell them, but many will depend on them and use them to get jobs they couldn’t otherwise get. And even if they do sell them that money will be immediately spent and go right back into the economy (many times over) benefiting us *all* rather than into a billionaire’s bank account doing nothing.

The worst example for me is (despite all the rhetoric) Obama is no liberal. It’s galls me to watch him win the presidency twice on a very progressive/populist platform but once he’s elected he governs like a moderate to right wing Republican. Even his signature “liberal” legislation of Obamacare (while better than nothing) was a Republican bill that is mostly a giveaway to insurance companies, yet those same Republicans don’t miss an opportunity to fake outrage so they can get their base all worked up over what was ostensibly a “win” for them. It’s ALL bullshit spread out for us to dance in and be distracted by while we’re fleeced into indentured servitude.

The real question is will we the collective population ever really wake up and realize it and *demand* better or will we just keep fighting amongst ourselves over so many spilled beads and baubles while the corporations dismantle all protective regulations and drive us into managed poverty? Reading the comments on that thread I sadly suspect…no.