The End Of God?

23 09 2010

BBC4 September 21, 2010

Historian Dr Thomas Dixon delves into the BBC’s archive to explore the troubled relationship between religion and science. From the creationists of America to the physicists of the Large Hadron Collider, he traces the expansion of scientific knowledge and asks whether there is still room for God in the modern world.

The relationship between science and religion has been long and troubled: from the condemnation of Galileo by the Catholic Church in 17th century Italy, through the clashes between creationism and evolution in 20th century America, right up to recent claims that the universe does not need God.

Delving through the rich archive of programs from Horizon and BBC Science, Thomas Dixon looks at what lies behind this difficult relationship. Using original footage from 1925, he tells the story of John Scopes, a Tennessee teacher who was tried for teaching evolution. He sees the connections between religion and American politics in the story of a more recent court case — the trial of Intelligent Design. He looks at what happens when new scientific discoveries start to explain events that were once seen as the workings of God, and explains how some of our most famous scientists have seen God in the grandest laws of the universe. Finally, he finds intriguing evidence from brain science which hints that even if God doesn’t exist, at least the belief in God is here to stay.

The Empathic Civilization

29 06 2010

There is a whole series of these videos that are simply fascinating.  Enjoy.

Crazies Turn On One Of Their Own…

19 04 2010

…but only because he dared to be rational and started talking common sense.

A CULT?  Really?  You don’t say?

Hey there Doc, we atheists have been saying that for a long time now.  Welcome to our world.

Clever Monkeys

8 03 2010

Some of our cousins in this video are more capable than some half-term Alaskan Governors I can think of.

After Sitting In Chair 8 Months Waiting For A Miracle, Man Not Waiting Anymore

12 12 2009

In South Carolina 550-pound Job Tillman snapped his ACL but couldn’t afford to go to the doctor, so this enormous man of faith did what any normal Glenn Beck fan would do.  He went back to his trailer, stripped naked, covered himself with a blanket, and sat down in his favorite recliner and prayed for God to fix his leg for him.

Yep.  He sat and read his Bible, and ate, and prayed, and posted sermons online, and ate some more, and shat all over himself. Exactly like his savior Glenn Beck does…except he did it for 8 months straight.

The pain eventually became unbearable so his wife called an ambulance.  When the authorities finally came to get him his now 800 pound sore covered feces pustule of a body had merged with his barcalounger and they had to saw the recliner apart (and cut a hole around the front door) to get him out.

Upon arriving at the hospital the doctors were of course surprised to find that Jesus had not gotten around to fixing his ACL.  In fact Christ apparently looked disapprovingly upon him abandoning his faith after only 8 months…so Jesus killed him in the hospital.

True story!

So you might be wondering what’s the moral here?  Surprisingly it is that the Republicans should see this story and realize that they have the most to gain from universal single payer health care reform.

  1. Because $300 could have saved this hard right faith based conservative Republican Sarah Palin vote for the next presidential election, and
  2. I’m guessing that the hospital spent more extracting him from his couch and trailer that it would have cost to fix his leg in the first place.

See, it makes perfect political AND financial sense.  I just don’t understand why the Republicans aren’t out in front of this issue.

Betty Bowers: Less Is Mormon

22 11 2009

I think she has a point.  Maybe we should have a mandate on Mormons…and Glenn Beck.  Please.

Howard Stern Bitch Slaps Kirk Cameron

22 11 2009

I think I need to get satellite radio again.  Stern had some big fun with this one.

Symphony Of Science

22 11 2009


Intelligent Design Is Obvious

27 06 2009

The less I think the more I feel that warm “loved by an invisible all powerful sky daddy” feeling washing over me.

Creationist Dentist Dropped As Chair Of Texas BOE

29 05 2009

Yesterday the Texas Senate voted to drop Dentist and all around general douche bag Don McLeroy from his job as the chair of the Texas Board of Education  Alas, Don will still be able to proselytize his ignorance since he will remain on the school board as a member.  Of course this also means Texas Gov. (weren’t you going to secede from the union or something?) Rick Perry will likely try to appoint another creationist nutjob. You know, someone like Cynthia Dunbar who authored a book that advocates more religion in the public square.

Don asshat McLeroy

Don "asshat" McLeroy

Stay tuned, while things are trending in a positive direction those nutty Texans aren’t done yanking around with this yet…y’all.