I Do Enjoy A Good Nutty Christian Argument Now And Again

31 07 2008

Richard Aberdeen thrust this very friendly and non-confrontational argument onto another blog I’ve been known to frequent.

So, you’re an atheist? Bullshit.

Try to scientifically refute this…

The problem with trusting in Richard Dawkins is, he’s not a real scientist. No real scientist would ever say there is no God, because of three very specific scientific reasons noted below. If Dawkins doesn’t know if there is a God, then he say so; otherwise, he’s plainly just a liar and a fraud:

1) There is no evidence that there is no God, thus it is scientifically irrational to say so.

2) There is no known evidence that any object or substance has ever come into being by it’s own volition, without something else apart from that object or substance, being involved in the process.

3) There is no evidence that anything in motion has ever come to be in motion by itself, without something else first causing it to be put in motion. (Quite obviously, Socrates, Newton and Einstein, who all three believed in God, could argue circles around Dawkins, as can also, any grade school child with half a brain.)

Thus, the entire position of Richard Dawkins is scientifically, fundamentally flawed to the core. There is no such thing as “science” that is not based on evidence.

Nobody knows exactly who or exactly how, the pyramids in Egypt came to be as we can observe them today. Richard Dawkins and every other scientist, archaeologist and human being with half a brain, just assumes that someone designed and built them. This is because, all known evidence and human experience indicates that someone did.

And much more so, all known evidence and human experience by default, indicates there is a Creator or Creators. Thus, the correct scientific position is, there is a Creator or Creators until someone can prove otherwise, just as A squared plus B squared is true regarding isosceles triangles, until someone can prove otherwise and, just as the pyramids of Egypt are a product of design until someone can prove otherwise.

Anyone who pretends there is no Creator is complete liar, an obvious charlatan and a fraud, no matter how many Oxford degrees they may or may not honestly possess.

And you think George Bush is a moron; he’s only a beginner ! ! !

Well he really gave it to us atheists didn’t he? I don’t know what I could possibly say to refute such a well reasoned position. I’m very nearly persuaded but I felt that I needed to ask him a few more questions before I could turn over a new leaf and devote my life to Christ.


1) There is also no evidence that there is no Flying Spaghetti Monster, thus it is scientifically irrational to say so. Are you asserting the positive belief in his tasty goodness? (In His name, Ramen)

2) If there is no known evidence that any object or substance has ever come into being by it’s own volition, without something else apart from that object or substance, being involved in the process…then can you explain where your amazingly powerful and complex God came from?

3) I was going to repeat your point again here I’m honestly not really sure what you’re talking about. If it makes you feel better I’ll concede that while something obviously happened at the beginning of the universe I for one am willing to admit that we don’t know for sure what it was (yet). But if I may ask, do you mean to suggest to me that people thousands of years ago who thought the world was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth already figured it out? Really?!

You ought not be ragging on George Bush’s lack of intelligence too forcefully there my friend.

Super J

I do hope he writes back to fill me in with his God given insights and Christ like patience. I visited his blog as well to invite a reply so here’s hoping he’ll accept my invitation.

Here’s To Humanity Being Lucky (So Far)

28 07 2008

Given this administration’s sense of religious destiny and apparent desire to bring about the end of days combined with their collective of lack of intellectual rigor, arbitrary declarations of war, and penchant for unjustified violence I’m rather astonished we’re even here to contemplate the folly of nuclear war. Let’s hope Bush, Cheney and their henchmen can keep their itchy trigger fingers off the big red button just a little while longer.

I can’t adequately express how glad I’ll be to see these people gone.

100% Renewable Power

18 07 2008

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a president with big ideas, one that would inspire us and provide the impetus to lead the world with our technology and solve her problems.

“We’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the planet. Every bit of that has to change.” – Al Gore

Compare that with the Alpha Dog of the Week

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To all of you who ever voted for Bush and to the Supreme Court who in large part gave us our current Asshat in Chief…FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!

Conservative Hypocrisy: Fannie, Freddie, And Faux-Free-Markets

17 07 2008

Gore Vidal once observed that “what we have in America is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor”.

This weekend Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gave us the perfect proof of this truism.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government created but privately owned for-profit housing finance companies.  These two companies alone hold or guarantee some $5 trillion in debt, or nearly half of the U.S. mortgage market.  Paulson announced that the Bush administration would seek congressional approval to bail out Freddie and Fannie by offering an unlimited line of credit to guarantee their debt, as well as authority to purchase their shares to supplement their capital base.

These are important pillars that our economy is built upon, so ensuring their continued stability is clearly necessary.  However Paulson said the new subsidies were designed to sustain the two institutions in “their current form.”  It’s worth mentioning here that in their current form the Chair of Freddie Mac last year “earned” $18.2 million dollars.  Meanwhile in 2007 Fannie Mae CEO Daniel Mudd apparently deserved a 7% raise to bring his take home to $13.4 million…all while the company lost $2.1 billion and its shares fell 33 percent.

Now with foreclosures soaring and both institutions sustaining billions in losses both would likely be bankrupt if their assets were marked down to their current market value.  The effect of these institutions failing would be utterly catastrophic to the economy so I can’t fault the Bush administration for using taxpayer money to prop up and recapitalize these two banks.  However I can be outraged that the collapse of proper regulations and oversights illustrates that the Republicans have once again nationalized corporate risk while making sure that the profits and the pay scales of the bank’s executives remain private.

Conservatives fall over themselves talking about the powers of capitalism and how regulations aren’t needed in a “free-market” because it will self correct and adjust.  And yet here we see in all its glory yet another example where you and I get to shoulder the burden of Wall Street socialism and pay for corporate losses while the regulations that would have prevented such reckless behavior are abandoned like so many Republicans’ first wives.

Since these corporations are so critical to the American economy and since the American public is already assuming the debt and risk these enterprises have taken on, why do we not nationalize them completely?  We’ve already added the $5 trillion dollars of debt to the federal balance sheet, so once nationalized we could fairly mitigate some of risk assumed by the public with the associated assets.  Add in the benefits of bringing executive salaries to sane levels, removing the risk inducing demand for unmaintainable profits, and adhering to some reasonable regulations we might just be able to bring some much needed confidence back to this sector of the economy.

The bailout of these critical institutions exposes the illusion that they are private corporations separate from the federal government, so we should drop the pretense of separation and stop funding this egregious example of conservative corporate welfare now.

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Ants, Terrorism, And Infectious Ideas

13 07 2008

Dan Dennett talks about Ideas that are as dangerous as any virus or parasite.  Another TED video that is completely worth watching.

Obama Begging Me To Not Vote For Him

10 07 2008

Senator Obama,

I am genuinely disappointed that you chose to support the recent FISA bill.  I and the rest of America have been looking to Democrats, and more particularly you, for strong leadership to stand up to the fascist fear mongering of the Bush administration.  You have failed us.  You could have made a stand and your leadership could have made a difference, but instead you chose to take the politically expedient route.  You sold me and every other American out who believed you were different, and worse you abandoned the Constitution when it needed your protection the most.

This bill was no compromise, it was a cowardly capitulation to an administration that continues to lie and thumb it’s nose at congressional oversight.  So now you reward the most unpopular president in American history and the corporations that colluded with him to break the law and the nation’s trust by giving them a free pass to continue to do so.  It is no surprise that the approval rating of congress is in single digits when all we want is someone to hold this administration accountable.  You have failed miserably.

Unless I hear some strong promises to correct this appalling failure of judgment I will have no choice but to stay home come November because I see no candidate worthy of my vote here.

Super Jesus

PS: Thanks for making me look like a fool for supporting you in the primary because even Hillary voted against it!

Now I Know What Will Happen When I Die

7 07 2008

I just feel better knowing what to expect.  Whew!

Idiots Still Pushing Intelligent Design As Science

3 07 2008

It just so happens that Texas and Louisiana have more of these idiots than most.

Evolution 150 Years Old Today!

1 07 2008

Okay that headline is of course not entirely accurate since evolution has been in effect since the very first cells formed, however it was on 1 July 1858 (150 years ago today) that the idea of natural selection was first presented to the public.

Of course don’t tell anyone in Texas or Louisiana because they’ll just get all upset that you’re making them think too hard.

The Beagle Project has a summary of the significance of this day in scientific history.

Happy Darwin Day!