Single Payer Universal Health Care

18 11 2007

Not only should we do this in out country, it is the the only ethical solution to our national health care problems. And to think that while Bush, the Senate and Congress all have federally funded health care the Republicans can’t see clear to extend these rights to a few more children much less to everyone. Hypocritical bastards.

The “Religion of Atheism” Myth

11 11 2007

Some Christians think that Atheism is a religious belief that requires just as much, if not more faith than Christianity. Some Atheists rightly reply that Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby.  It’s a fair response but I don’t think it’s that simple.

I’m sure that from the perspective of the faithful we Atheists must appear to be remarkably devout especially because our beliefs are in polar opposition to theirs. That we would dare stand against such a vast majority to challenge the “truth” of God and His existence, that we would call out their beliefs as false, is the ultimate heresy that must demand equal opposing “faith” on our part. We certainly don’t view Atheism as a religion but to their eyes it must appear that way.

I personally think that to simply believe in God does not constitute a religion, but the act of worshiping Him does. Ironically then it’s not my Atheism that they’re confusing for religion but my active anti-theism. I abhor, reject and regularly challenge those of faith. It is my opposition to the dogma of their religion and my willingness to challenge the very core of their faith, not merely Jesus but God Himself, that they confuse as a form of Atheist evangelism.

The multitude of the faithful may think I want the populate the world with Atheists. Not exactly. Instead I like to imagine a day when we can actually retire the moniker of Atheist because we all know that there is no God and that we instead learn to treat each other with humility and kindness out of deference to our own humanity instead of killing each other in the name of whatever God we’ve fabricated.

As for Atheists needing to “prove God doesn’t exist”, there is no work to be done.  Given that God supposedly is everywhere, in everything, and knows all, I need only point to the fact that in all of recorded human history there is no credible evidence supporting any of those suppositions. None. Ever.  How much time does one need to keep looking before we can conclude that He isn’t there to be found?

Olberman Special Comment: Torture

6 11 2007