I Guess The Pope Needed Help With His Yule Log

15 12 2010

Some things just defy reason.  To wit, here’s how the Pope apparently likes to celebrate Christmas.

Please comment freely, I’m just too baffled to find anything that could make this any funnier .

Farrah and Michael…

25 06 2009

Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson…never seen together but coincidentally died on the same day.

Coincidence? I think not.

If This Church Van Is a’Rockin…

15 05 2009

Most adults caught trying to lure a 7th grader into their van would be arrested as pedophiles, however if you live in Colorado Springs those creepy bastards are frequently also known as members of Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Yes, representatives of the Cornerstone Christian church have recently tried to lure seventh-graders at the nearby middle school into a church van.  Since these fuckwits have gotten into trouble in the past for baptizing children without parents’ permission one can only hope that’s what they had in mind.  I’m sure that’s a completely safe assumption since it has never been reported that churches have had any problems with other forms of child abuse.

Oh sure if anyone else tried to do this there would be at least criminal child abduction, abuse, and kidnapping charges filed in minutes…but since it’s the local church they received a very stern talking to from the school administrators…oh, and the kids were given a reminder to not talk to strangers or get into stranger’s vans.

Great.  Everyone feeling better yet?

Students at other nearby elementary schools have also been approached by church members, and church proselytizing has been escalating in recent weeks with church members coming on school property to preach the Bible or proselytizing from public sidewalks outside the school. Luckily for any concerned parents the school is taking the hard line of thinking about seeking a no-trespassing order if church members resume harassing children on school property.  Yeah, that almost sounds like the appropriate action.

Maybe the National Acadamies of Science truck should swing by and snag a few kids from the Cornerstone Sunday School and drive away for a few hours to serve cookies and milk and teach them an evolution 101 class.  I can’t see why the church should have a problem with that since they’re doing much the same thing…right?!

Religious Non-profit Tax Compliance Meets X-Men Movie Trailer

5 05 2009

Words can’t recreate the experience.  Make sure your speakers are turned all the way up to a truly Godly “11” on a scale of 1-10 before watching this.

Are you ready?  Seriously…do you think you can handle this level of IRS Non-profit compliance awesomeness ?!?!