Grandma Palin vs. David Letterman

12 06 2009

Of course by now you know about that scamp David Letterman making jokes about a Palin girl getting “knocked up” by a player at a Yankees game. Obviously he was referring to 18-year-old Bristol Palin, the famously unwed mother who swears abstinence works…or at least it did until her boyfriend tricked her into playing “Hide Obama in the Cave”…again.

Isn’t that cute, she got her Dad’s nose and her Mom’s brains.

Of course Grandma Palin thinks she sees some political advantage by pretending Letterman was talking about her 14 year old saying she thought it was ”a degrading comment about a young woman. And I would hope that people would start really rising up and not accepting this.”

I get a special kind of headache reading poor grammar like that.  It’s almost as though Dubaya was still president.Palin Newser

Palin went on pretending she understood the actual target of the joke saying ”it’s no wonder girls have such low self-esteem in America when a comedian can make a remark like this.”

You know, girls could also have low self esteem because a beauty pageant runner up sporting 4th grade logic and 3rd grade grammar skills was considered the best person the Republicans could find to run for vice president.

So in one deft move Grandma Palin not only pretends baby momma Bristol was not the obvious subject of the joke, but then goes on to needlessly embarrass 14 year old Willow who is only guilty of being born into a family of hypocrites and craven opportunists.   It is a truly impressive display of unchecked ambition when someone is willing to throw her own little girl under the bus for some cheap, short term, political points.

I can see the 2012 bumper stickers now.  “Sarah Palin…I’ll screw over anyone for this job”