I Dominate Google Again! (almost)

31 03 2009

I was having a little breakfast for dinner and it occurred to me that I might have another “Super Jesus Domination of the Google”™ waiting out there for me.  I had to check immediately.

So I anxiously Google “Bible Bacon” and I anticipate the triumphant warmth to wash over me as I await to bask in the glory of my victor… WHAAA?!

#2   !?!?!

I am #2.  The first loser.  For the millions of people who daily Google “Bible Bacon” they will see “Francis Bacon and the James 1st Bible” first.  Oh the humiliation is almost more than I can bear.  Oh sure I get #1 for “Family Bible Bacon” but that seems little more than a plodding hollow victory.

Damn…so close!  How is it I can inadvertently own “clusterfuck to the poor house” (2 places above the Daily Show itself) but get a lousy second with crispy pork on a fresh Gideon?  I ask ya, what does a heathen have to do to get a #1 rating for Bible Bacon these days?


I Dominate Google!

31 03 2009

Well at least I’m the #1 search result if you Google “clusterfuck to the poor house”.  I know, I can’t figure that one out either.

I feel somehow honored.  Do I get a Google mug or something?

Fear my massive Google powers!

Fear my massive Google powers!