Senator Franken and Supply Side Jesus

11 01 2009

Whence Cometh Religion?

5 01 2009

At the risk of sounding like the prototypical arrogant atheist I’ll throw in my two cents.

It’s all about the unknown.

It seems understandable that once we as a species reached that higher plane of self awareness that we could not help but strive to understand the unknowable. Upon failing to figure it all out right away we naturally resorted to just explaining everything unknown with glib stories that put our minds at rest so we could stop fretting and get back to productive living.

Alas even after so many generations it seems little has really changed.

While we now collectively understand orders of magnitude more than our ancient ancestors there is still much out there we do not, and it still terrifies us. Death of course is the big one and without our mystical stories it scares many of us right back into the churches of our parents in our continuing quest for solace through an artificial sense of control over the unknown.

Unfortunately for the skeptical and thoughtful seeking god, those original old myths don’t work as well as they used to. Without herculean levels of faith and suspension of disbelief those hollow tales, even selectively chosen, cannot stave off the inevitable feelings of insecurity and doubt.

So while I recognize that Atheism frequently sounds overly self certain and strident to those of faith it is perhaps ironic because it is the very embracing of the unknown that brings (for me at least) the most comfort. Being allowed to concede that we don’t know everything means there is always more that we can learn. If there is more we can learn then there is more we can change, more we can do, more that we can become. When we force ourselves to believe the stories of a creator we are constrained by the rules and perceived limitations that come with such mystical beliefs. We pray for things instead of working harder to figure it out and do it for ourselves.

Happily we are not controlled by the stars nor our fate destined by the lines on our hands. We are free to make this word better if we can muster up our collective courage, shed the limitations and biases of the multitude of ancient myths that constrain us and instead choose to move forward together instead of fighting progress every step of the way.

PS: I am sure that the faithful often view my skepticism as indications that I’m angry or bitter.  I wish I knew how to convincingly assure them that I’m not.  That said I like to think that on both sides we have the best of intentions at heart. The faithful nobly slave to save my soul while I in turn honorably strive to free their minds through the miracle of rational thought. The battle rages on, sadly, with no resolution yet in sight.  Of course I like to think that all the supporting evidence is on my side but so far that hasn’t proven persuasive to those of stubborn faith.

How Many “Hail Mary”s Is This Going To Cost Me?

25 11 2008

Hey old man!

The bad news: if there’s a hell you’ve got a first class ticket to it.

The good news: there isn’t and that was freaking hilarious!

New And Improved!

17 11 2008

As we gear up to clean up the mess left by President WorstEver I’ve been also basking in the afterglow of the election of President Elect Hopeful.  I’m sure I will still be railing against the never ending fount of political stupidity but I thought it would be refreshing to get back to Super Jesus blogging basics and just smack my favorite bitch religion around a little this morning.  Nothing too strenuous since it’s been a while, just a little video to stretch my atrophied muscles.  Ah yes, it’s good to be back.

Does McCain’s Poor Judgement Extend Beyond Choosing Palin?

6 10 2008

The fiction of McCain’s “Maverick” status shows how, then as now, John happily takes the perks and advice of corrupt lobbyists.  His judgment was poor then and it is obvious that his judgment is even worse now that his political back up against the wall.  Stand back and just watch how negative his campaign is going to get.

Here’s a short primmer on the Keating 5 for a little background.  Enjoy.

Pope Preaches Rank Hypocrisy

6 10 2008

Today, while wearing his finest gilded robes and carrying a tremendously heavy gold cross, the Pope criticized the pursuit of wealth and material goods.  According to the BBC the Pope said that those who think that “concrete things we can touch are the surest reality” are deceiving themselves.

He was then assisted back into his diamond studded wheelchair and rolled by his staff of servants back into the opulent stone and concrete Vatican so he could have his mid-afternoon wallow in the hundreds of billions of dollars pilfered from thousands of years of deluded followers.

A Movie The Religious Will Cower From

7 06 2008

However if the religious out there do accidentally see it (funny, I thought this was the theater for Narnia) there will be a lot of people saying “Well my religion makes perfect sense  …but boy all those OTHER religions sure are silly.”

Um, right.