Churches In Saudi Arabia And Bad Math

26 11 2009

A fascinating bit of logic for your Thanksgiving torpor.  Check this out, apparently you can’t build any non-Muslim places of worship in Saudi Arabia because (obviously) all religions other than Islam are false.  As means of explaining his point Dr. Zakir Naik compared this to choosing to hire math a teacher who cannot add.

Right doc, except in reality all of the religious “math teachers” in your example are adding 2+2…and coming up with fractions.  You ignorant knob.

What kind of doctor is this clown anyhow?

(kudos to Atheist Media Blog for this clip)


Empty Catholic Anti-Abortion Rhetoric

25 11 2009

I was amused watching this because it’s one of the few times I’ve seen an interviewer force an anti-abortion advocate to really confront the empty rhetoric of their position.  I couldn’t believe it as I was listening and sensed exactly where Chris Matthews was going with his counterpoint following a common line of reasoning I myself have used in the past.  Where the Bishop is used to being able to chastise lawmakers from his high moral perch with impunity Matthews forced the Bishop to complete the thought process and define the precise ramifications of such “moralistic” platitudes.   Bla bla bla, enough from me, just watch this and be amazed.

Betty Bowers: Less Is Mormon

22 11 2009

I think she has a point.  Maybe we should have a mandate on Mormons…and Glenn Beck.  Please.

Howard Stern Bitch Slaps Kirk Cameron

22 11 2009

I think I need to get satellite radio again.  Stern had some big fun with this one.

Symphony Of Science

22 11 2009



18 08 2009

A little reflection on life for you.

Why Everything Sucks

16 08 2009

He might have a point you know.

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