More Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Madness

12 05 2010

NOTE: I’ve updated this post to add even more pictures of the Prophet Muhammadcafter the horrific attacks against Charlie Hebdo. I promise I’ll continue to accumulate and display as many pictures as I can find every time any of these psychopathic extremist cowards attack anyone who would draw a picture of their imaginary friend. You’re welcome.

So once again Muslims have lost all sense of rational thought and gone berzerk.

Yesterday the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who sparked controversy by drawing the Prophet Mohammed on the body of a dog, was attacked. Here’s the video.

Here are is the image that Lars drew that made these devout followers of the “religion of peace” come unhinged.

Now I can understand a newspaper editor somewhere being upset that the cartoon is poorly drawn and as funny as The Family Circus, but how is that rubbish worth even getting a little upset over?

I mean compared to some of the other choice pictures of the Prophet Muhammad I think this one is barely distinguishable and therefore a pretty weak bit of chicken scratch to be getting all worked up over don’t you think?

Now these other pictures…well I can totally understand wanting to go berserk over these.

10422203_10204835221551880_67051488053316814_n150107_BB_Hebdo1011_350.jpg.CROP.original-original150107_BB_Hebdo1057_350.jpg.CROP.original-original150107_BB_Hebdo2006_350.jpg.CROP.original-original06-02-21-toonaphobia-x95399172_67d74fa689Beheading_gifCartoon Outrage_gifCartoon-Gregorius-Nekschot-Prophet-Mohammed-Deflowering-Aisha-260crazy-prophet-muhammadcrybaby-muhammad0Fun Farting Mohammed_jpghigginshqdefaultjesus-and-muhammad-cartoon-1-maajid-nawazProphet-Muhammad-Aisha-his-child-bride-first-date-cartoonthe_prophet_muhammad_speaks_by_gpapantozapirofull

Here’s the ironic part, as far as I know the Quran itself does not explicitly forbid images of Muhammad.  Seriously, go look it up.  There are a few supplemental hadith that have been written that explicitly prohibit Muslims from creating visual depictions of religious figures (including Muhammad) but since I’m not a Muslim I’m pretty sure I’m not even breaking those rules.

But this isn’t about the rules.  This isn’t even about a paradoxical god who is apparently omnipotent enough to know that I re-posted these pictures but too impotent to do anything about it himself.  No, this is about religious leaders getting their followers offended and incensed over nonsense slights in an attempt to misdirect the conversation away from the corruption of the leaders and the implausibility of their religion.  All religions do this to one degree or another, it’s just that many Islamic leaders go way too far and goad their followers to murder.

I personally suspect that 99.9999% of Muslims would not even contemplate killing someone who drew (or displayed) these cartoons on the Internet.  If that’s true then the only people I’m offending are the .0001% of Muslims who are irrational fanatical zealots who frankly should be mocked and ridiculed for holding such ridiculous beliefs. So mock and ridicule I shall.

By remaining silent in the face of such absurdity is to concede to their madness, and I will not.  In doing so I hope to plant a seed of doubt in the believer’s mind that maybe all all these “truths” are simply ridiculous old stories which have no basis in reality and should be ignored.

It probably won’t work, but I somehow feel the need to at least try.

Churches In Saudi Arabia And Bad Math

26 11 2009

A fascinating bit of logic for your Thanksgiving torpor.  Check this out, apparently you can’t build any non-Muslim places of worship in Saudi Arabia because (obviously) all religions other than Islam are false.  As means of explaining his point Dr. Zakir Naik compared this to choosing to hire math a teacher who cannot add.

Right doc, except in reality all of the religious “math teachers” in your example are adding 2+2…and coming up with fractions.  You ignorant knob.

What kind of doctor is this clown anyhow?

(kudos to Atheist Media Blog for this clip)

To The Muslims, Christians, And Jews…

26 06 2009

Marcus Brigstocke sums it all up quite nicely.

Or in short…fuck off.

U.N. Bans Mocking Stupid Asshat Religions

27 03 2009

Yesterday the most ironic proposal to ever come from a “Human Rights Council” sought legal protection for religion from criticism.  That’s right, the U.N.’s top human-rights body is asking states to provide “protection against acts of hatred, discrimination, intimidation and coercion resulting from defamation of religions and incitement to religious hatred in general.”

Who would be so absurd to push for such a preposterously stupid resolution? The bombastically ridiculous Muslims of course.

“Defamation of religions is the cause that leads to incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence toward their followers,” Pakistan’s ambassador Zamir Akram said.

“It is important to deal with the cause, rather than with the effects alone,” he said.

Of course ambassador Akram couldn’t be bothered to actually follow the causal link all the way back to the real root cause…the asshats who follow and perpetuate the violent ignorance of dark age religions like Islam and Christianity. That would make way too much sense.

Muslim nations went on to whine absurdly that religions, and in particular their especially backward religion of Islam, must be shielded from criticism in the media and other areas of public life.  Apparently even a cartoon of their Prophet Muhammad would upset their astonishingly frail minds.

“Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism”

Oh Islam, you ARE so funny aren’t you?

How about this?  …Fuck No!

When all you religious fundamentalists and zealots come to your senses and cease to mutter to yourselves plead and pray to your invisible gods we will then, and only then, stop making fun of you. Until such time you are the crazies those of us in the reality based world will attempt to rescue from your self inflicted delusions.  We will sometimes use humor and ridicule in the effort to point out how profoundly absurd your beliefs are.  Sadly, until you wake up you will probably be offended,but if it makes you feel any better we are ultimately doing it for your own good.  (Well, and ours too)

We can always use a few more rational thinkers, so join us, the logic is fine.


…or not.

Obama On Religion In The US

19 03 2009

I’m glad I voted for him.

Senator Franken and Supply Side Jesus

11 01 2009

Whence Cometh Religion?

5 01 2009

At the risk of sounding like the prototypical arrogant atheist I’ll throw in my two cents.

It’s all about the unknown.

It seems understandable that once we as a species reached that higher plane of self awareness that we could not help but strive to understand the unknowable. Upon failing to figure it all out right away we naturally resorted to just explaining everything unknown with glib stories that put our minds at rest so we could stop fretting and get back to productive living.

Alas even after so many generations it seems little has really changed.

While we now collectively understand orders of magnitude more than our ancient ancestors there is still much out there we do not, and it still terrifies us. Death of course is the big one and without our mystical stories it scares many of us right back into the churches of our parents in our continuing quest for solace through an artificial sense of control over the unknown.

Unfortunately for the skeptical and thoughtful seeking god, those original old myths don’t work as well as they used to. Without herculean levels of faith and suspension of disbelief those hollow tales, even selectively chosen, cannot stave off the inevitable feelings of insecurity and doubt.

So while I recognize that Atheism frequently sounds overly self certain and strident to those of faith it is perhaps ironic because it is the very embracing of the unknown that brings (for me at least) the most comfort. Being allowed to concede that we don’t know everything means there is always more that we can learn. If there is more we can learn then there is more we can change, more we can do, more that we can become. When we force ourselves to believe the stories of a creator we are constrained by the rules and perceived limitations that come with such mystical beliefs. We pray for things instead of working harder to figure it out and do it for ourselves.

Happily we are not controlled by the stars nor our fate destined by the lines on our hands. We are free to make this word better if we can muster up our collective courage, shed the limitations and biases of the multitude of ancient myths that constrain us and instead choose to move forward together instead of fighting progress every step of the way.

PS: I am sure that the faithful often view my skepticism as indications that I’m angry or bitter.  I wish I knew how to convincingly assure them that I’m not.  That said I like to think that on both sides we have the best of intentions at heart. The faithful nobly slave to save my soul while I in turn honorably strive to free their minds through the miracle of rational thought. The battle rages on, sadly, with no resolution yet in sight.  Of course I like to think that all the supporting evidence is on my side but so far that hasn’t proven persuasive to those of stubborn faith.

How Many “Hail Mary”s Is This Going To Cost Me?

25 11 2008

Hey old man!

The bad news: if there’s a hell you’ve got a first class ticket to it.

The good news: there isn’t and that was freaking hilarious!

New And Improved!

17 11 2008

As we gear up to clean up the mess left by President WorstEver I’ve been also basking in the afterglow of the election of President Elect Hopeful.  I’m sure I will still be railing against the never ending fount of political stupidity but I thought it would be refreshing to get back to Super Jesus blogging basics and just smack my favorite bitch religion around a little this morning.  Nothing too strenuous since it’s been a while, just a little video to stretch my atrophied muscles.  Ah yes, it’s good to be back.

A Movie The Religious Will Cower From

7 06 2008

However if the religious out there do accidentally see it (funny, I thought this was the theater for Narnia) there will be a lot of people saying “Well my religion makes perfect sense  …but boy all those OTHER religions sure are silly.”

Um, right.