Boehener Ad Lays It Out

25 08 2010

Boehener isn’t in my congressional district but I can’t help feel embarrassed every time I’m reminded he’s from Ohio. Here’s a little something for you oh orange/tan douchey one.


The War on Brains

11 08 2010

The stoopid, it hurts…

…and republicans are in serious pain.

I’m Not Gay…

4 08 2010

…but I do love me some Weiner.

Anthony Weiner unloaded on cowardly Republicans after they heartlessly killed a bill that would provide $7.4 billion in health care aid to rescue and recovery workers who have faced health problems since their work in the wake of the September 11 attacks.


94% of Democrats supported the bill.
93% of Republicans voted against it.

The party of ‘NO’ marches on.

More Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Madness

12 05 2010

NOTE: I’ve updated this post to add even more pictures of the Prophet Muhammadcafter the horrific attacks against Charlie Hebdo. I promise I’ll continue to accumulate and display as many pictures as I can find every time any of these psychopathic extremist cowards attack anyone who would draw a picture of their imaginary friend. You’re welcome.

So once again Muslims have lost all sense of rational thought and gone berzerk.

Yesterday the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who sparked controversy by drawing the Prophet Mohammed on the body of a dog, was attacked. Here’s the video.

Here are is the image that Lars drew that made these devout followers of the “religion of peace” come unhinged.

Now I can understand a newspaper editor somewhere being upset that the cartoon is poorly drawn and as funny as The Family Circus, but how is that rubbish worth even getting a little upset over?

I mean compared to some of the other choice pictures of the Prophet Muhammad I think this one is barely distinguishable and therefore a pretty weak bit of chicken scratch to be getting all worked up over don’t you think?

Now these other pictures…well I can totally understand wanting to go berserk over these.

10422203_10204835221551880_67051488053316814_n150107_BB_Hebdo1011_350.jpg.CROP.original-original150107_BB_Hebdo1057_350.jpg.CROP.original-original150107_BB_Hebdo2006_350.jpg.CROP.original-original06-02-21-toonaphobia-x95399172_67d74fa689Beheading_gifCartoon Outrage_gifCartoon-Gregorius-Nekschot-Prophet-Mohammed-Deflowering-Aisha-260crazy-prophet-muhammadcrybaby-muhammad0Fun Farting Mohammed_jpghigginshqdefaultjesus-and-muhammad-cartoon-1-maajid-nawazProphet-Muhammad-Aisha-his-child-bride-first-date-cartoonthe_prophet_muhammad_speaks_by_gpapantozapirofull

Here’s the ironic part, as far as I know the Quran itself does not explicitly forbid images of Muhammad.  Seriously, go look it up.  There are a few supplemental hadith that have been written that explicitly prohibit Muslims from creating visual depictions of religious figures (including Muhammad) but since I’m not a Muslim I’m pretty sure I’m not even breaking those rules.

But this isn’t about the rules.  This isn’t even about a paradoxical god who is apparently omnipotent enough to know that I re-posted these pictures but too impotent to do anything about it himself.  No, this is about religious leaders getting their followers offended and incensed over nonsense slights in an attempt to misdirect the conversation away from the corruption of the leaders and the implausibility of their religion.  All religions do this to one degree or another, it’s just that many Islamic leaders go way too far and goad their followers to murder.

I personally suspect that 99.9999% of Muslims would not even contemplate killing someone who drew (or displayed) these cartoons on the Internet.  If that’s true then the only people I’m offending are the .0001% of Muslims who are irrational fanatical zealots who frankly should be mocked and ridiculed for holding such ridiculous beliefs. So mock and ridicule I shall.

By remaining silent in the face of such absurdity is to concede to their madness, and I will not.  In doing so I hope to plant a seed of doubt in the believer’s mind that maybe all all these “truths” are simply ridiculous old stories which have no basis in reality and should be ignored.

It probably won’t work, but I somehow feel the need to at least try.

I Was Told to Add This Video…

29 04 2010

…but I can’t imagine why?

(Thanks for the tip Sadie)

Crazies Turn On One Of Their Own…

19 04 2010

…but only because he dared to be rational and started talking common sense.

A CULT?  Really?  You don’t say?

Hey there Doc, we atheists have been saying that for a long time now.  Welcome to our world.

I Don’t Understand Climate Change Deniers

8 04 2010

You can watch this first to get a taste of the source of my confusion.

So help me out here, why is it that so many people are flagrantly misrepresenting the facts and denying the massive corroborative evidence that global climate change is not just happening but is largely caused by recent human activity?

This isn’t some trivial or subjective academic argument about some arcane aspect of philosophy, this is about the very future of the human species. Sure the uneducated and simpleminded in the population will be easily misled by their favorite teevee station. You know, the one that pretends that the world is actually very simple, everything is black and white, and if you’re watching us then YOU are the smart one…And did I mention very pretty. Hey look, Walmart has NASCAR branded Snuggies!!

Now I’m a pretty cynical guy but even I have a hard time believing that the coal and oil industries (being the most likely beneficiaries of such misrepresentations) could possibly have such an overwhelming disregard for the environment and the future of the human race. Why dismiss the objective science when they could instead work to advance it and even work towards better solutions that could save their industries and the planet for future generations?

At the end of the day isn’t this supposed to be about the survival of our children and grandchildren? Has the incessant capitalist drive for quarterly profits completely obscured our ability to see the devastating long term folly of such blind pursuits of greed and avarice? Am I that naive and cynically deficient?

I simply cannot comprehend how so many people watch the Bill O’Reillys and the Rush Limbaughs for reasons other than freak-show pity, but instead take them seriously. So while some of us (and many more scientists) are trying to figure out what the actual problems are and how we might fix them the pig people turn up Glen Beck’s radio program to make jello salad of their brains, eat another Big Mac, and pump the liquefied corpses of their children into their gas tanks for one last bender to Vegas before Jesus himself comes to clean up the mess they’ve made.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?