Symphony Of Science

22 11 2009



Intelligent Design Is Obvious

27 06 2009

The less I think the more I feel that warm “loved by an invisible all powerful sky daddy” feeling washing over me.

Creationist Dentist Dropped As Chair Of Texas BOE

29 05 2009

Yesterday the Texas Senate voted to drop Dentist and all around general douche bag Don McLeroy from his job as the chair of the Texas Board of Education  Alas, Don will still be able to proselytize his ignorance since he will remain on the school board as a member.  Of course this also means Texas Gov. (weren’t you going to secede from the union or something?) Rick Perry will likely try to appoint another creationist nutjob. You know, someone like Cynthia Dunbar who authored a book that advocates more religion in the public square.

Don asshat McLeroy

Don "asshat" McLeroy

Stay tuned, while things are trending in a positive direction those nutty Texans aren’t done yanking around with this yet…y’all.

Reason For Hope

23 05 2009

Or perhaps I should say there is hope for reason.

Right after Obama took office there were a multitude of anti-evolution education bills popping up all over the country.  After the Texas Board of Education science and creationism debacle things were definitely looking bad for legitimate science education.  However I’m happy to report that in the past few weeks anti-evolution bills in Florida, Missouri, Alabama, and now Oklahoma have all gone down in flames.  We’re talking a solid rejection in what is the heart of the Bible belt.  And as I’ve noted before even the educated in Texas are pushing back.

It’s about f’ing time proper science stood up and smacked foolish superstitions around a little.

Creationist Science: Methods And Procedures

5 04 2009

I stand corrected, creationists do in fact have a strong basis for their scientific theories.  I apologize for doubting all of you out there or for mocking you.  If only I had seen this sooner.

Texas BOE Narrowly Votes To Continue Evolving

26 03 2009

For those of you keeping score, according to the Texas BOE 70% of all Republicans are religious fundamentalists incapable of understanding basic evolutionary biology while 100% of Democrats (and thankfully 30% of Republicans) are scientifically enlightened enough to keep religious back wash out of Texas public schools.

According to the Dallas News Texas BOE board members deadlocked 7-7 on a motion to restore a long-time curriculum rule that “strengths and weaknesses” of all scientific theories – notably Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution – be taught in science classes and covered in textbooks for those subjects.

That’s not to suggest that Dentist Don McLeroy will be giving up his crusade to bring ignorance to the students of Texas. This was just a skirmish and I’m sure we have not heard the last of him and his gaggle of goose steppers for Jesus.

That said, a double extra bonus kick-ass kudos shout out goes to BOE member Mavis Knight of Dallas who, despite undergoing heart surgery in February, cast her vote by video conference from the state education service center in Richardson. We in the reality based community all owe you one for going the extra mile to keep reason and science undiluted in public schools. Very well done Madame!


This Is Your Brain On Religion

16 03 2009

If you ever wanted an example of how religion can completely skew rational thought I offer you this video.  Watch as Michael Shermer interviews true believer Georgia Purdom PhD (research scientist in molecular genetics) from the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  Absolutely no amount of data or evidence can dislodge the brain washing she’s been subjected to.  Ohio State must be very proud to have her as an alum.

I have no idea how Mr. Shermer keeps talking with this woman without pulling out what little hair he has left.  Amazing.  I know I’m recycling this cartoon, but man oh man does it fit here.