Boehener Ad Lays It Out

25 08 2010

Boehener isn’t in my congressional district but I can’t help feel embarrassed every time I’m reminded he’s from Ohio. Here’s a little something for you oh orange/tan douchey one.

This Is Unacceptable

13 04 2010

I’ve been avoiding watching this but I finally had to do it.

Fuck me.

In watching the video I recognized that it was priming for a response so I was actively resisting that particular emotion and trying to be more analytical in the viewing.  What bothered me more was the heightened emotion and eagerness of the sighting gunner to “see” weapons that were not there and to “see” threatening behavior where none was at all visible in the video.

What I heard in his voice was a kid stressed out, a kid upset that his buddies had been killed recently by insurgents.  I heard a kid frustrated at his inability to target the people actively and effectively inflicting casualties on his team from a distance or by remotely detonated IEDs.  I heard a kid who wanted revenge but rarely had a good target to exact that revenge upon.  He wanted to believe he was seeing the ever elusive insurgents out in the open, insurgents all with guns and RPGs, insurgents clearly acting in threatening ways.  He wanted to believe he finally had clear insurgents wandering through his gun sights so he could finally deliver the retribution they so richly deserved.

He absolutely saw what he wanted to see.

You could especially hear his emotions boiling over when he had to wait for the go ahead to fire on the van…he was desperate to shoot at a van picking up the wounded because they must be bad guys too because they’re trying to help the insurgents he just killed.  A whole van load of even more insurgents to shoot!  Please, LET ME SHOOT THEM TOO!!!

Yet I don’t blame the solider, I blame the situation and the leadership that continues to let this scenario play out over and over and over again.  We have the biggest and most powerful military the planet has ever seen.  Our enemies know this and simply avoid giving us a target to shoot at.  In the inevitable frustration that follows our children eventually lash out and shoot at whatever is there…killing the innocent…and making even more hidden enemies.  It’s a vicious cycle that our politicians do not recognize or largely ignore because they can’t be seen as “soft” on “terrorists”.

It’s a vicious cycle we are singularly well equipped to only make worse if we don’t stop.

Please join me and send WikiLeaks a few buck to help out.  The media isn’t uncovering this and you know for damn sure our government isn’t going to tell us.

The Pope, Priests, And Those Damn Sexy Altar Boys

9 04 2010

I’ve held off commenting on the Pope and the Catholic child molestation story only because it was more interesting to watch the rest of the world spin in a tizzy of concern and outrage while still completely missing the point. It’s truly fascinating to watch most everyone from pundit and commentator to politician and parishioner wonder if the Pope should take any responsibility for the crimes of his church or the acts protected and promoted on his watch as bishop.

Indeed, some rightly point out that the institutional molestation and rape of thousands of children worldwide should be prosecuted and that everyone within the church who protected the criminals who committed these atrocities should be held accountable as accomplices to the crimes. Obviously. Oh if only the Catholic church would recognize the authority of US justice system and hand over the supporting documents in full cooperation with court subpoenas.

But most of the media somehow continues to miss the elephant with the long robes and funny hat right in front of them pissing in the the holy water.

So I ask anyone in the media who might come across this humble blog, in light of these horrible acts inflicted against the most defenseless among us, why do we give preferential treatment to any organization purely because they make unprovable claims of divine sanction?

If any other corporation or organization in the US had promoted and protected systematic child rape the police would not have hesitated to raid them in an effort to shut them down as soon as possible, to seize evidence for trials, to jail everyone involved, and to secure assets to be distributed to the victims.

Of course the Vatican is no mere corporation but is in fact a sovereign entity recognized by international law. It is reasonable however to expect that the United states would levy severe sanctions and even attack and invade any foreign nation operating bases in the US where the systematic rape of US children is being committed. The assertion that those bases are recruiting new members and distributing unverifiable propaganda would of course be a completely irrelevant and absurd defense.

So to put it more succinctly, this Pope and the Catholic church are directly responsible for the molestation and rape of more US children than Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Hitler combined.  Why haven’t people and the media been demanding that the police and the US government take stronger actions against this criminal organization that has for decades been committing crimes against humanity and protecting those who committed them?


Even Jesus Hates You

U.S. Jail Statistics

7 02 2010

Wow…just wow.

Another reason to feel embarrassed for America and another reason to hate the military industrial complex and big business in general.

Something Is Wrong In America

5 10 2009

A pretty good essay.  Give it a whirl.

Prostitution Experts Speak Up About ACORN

1 10 2009

I do hope more Republicans choose to chime in…and just to be bipartisan Eliot Spitzer can chime in too!

The Nexus of Politics and Terror Confirmed

23 08 2009

I’m only surprised Tom Ridge finally admitted that he and the Bush administration manipulated the terror alert level for completely cynical political reasons. Oh wait, I take that back.  Actually I would have been surprised if he had stopped himself and instead blown the whistle on these orders when he was told to do it.  No, now he fesses up only because he has hopes of making some money off his 4 year late “apology”.  Thanks Tom, but you’re too late to pretend to be honorable.

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Capitalism: A Love Story

23 08 2009

He didn’t pull any punches when he did Sicko so I’m betting this one will sting a little too.  Deal with it.

“It’s a crime story. But it’s also a war story about class warfare. And a vampire movie, with the upper 1 percent feeding off the rest of us. And, of course, it’s also a love story. Only it’s about an abusive relationship.

“It’s not about an individual, like Roger Smith, or a corporation, or even an issue, like health care. This is the big enchilada. This is about the thing that dominates all our lives — the economy. I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make.

“It’s a comedy.” — Michael Moore

The Family And Cult Mentality

11 07 2009

The connections between Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. John Ensign seem to be getting more and more creepy.  Please watch this clip from the Rachael Maddow show and explain again to me how these guys are not in an uber-Machiavellian-cult of self aggrandizement and hypocrisy?

Seriously, why can’t more Republicans show real courage and leadership and just quit like Sarah Palin?

Corporate (Non-Profit) Greed, WNYC Style

8 06 2009

I live nowhere near New York but I absolutely love the radio programs “On The Media” and “Radio Lab” from public radio station WNYC.  So much so I was planning on donating specifically to them in addition to my local NPR station when my renewal came up.

That was until I heard about WNYC President Laura Walker’s $500,000 a year salary.

This is public radio right?  The same public radio that begs approximately 12.3 months out of every year for money right?  What…The…Hell!?  And since Walker is paid $222,000 more than the next highest-paid person at the station she obviously could afford the copper and zinc alloy testicular transplant that made it possible for her to then lay off four staffers and eliminate 11 unfilled positions this past week.

Then again managing 95 liberal public radio station employees probably merits a half million dollar salary.  Or not.  According to the staion’s tax return it only takes her 35 hours a week to do so.

Laura Walker

Laura "Not A Volunteer" Walker

Seriously!?  How dare WNYC beg the public to send more money when they are clearly squandering the money they already have.  I’ve been a volunteer (yes Laura, that means I worked for FREE) for public radio stations for decades now and she has the unmitigated nerve to think she deserves such a salary.

Hey Laura Walker and WNYC…fuck you.  In this era of corporate sleaze and executive salary outrage you, of all organizations, should have seen the obvious public relations buzz saw you just walked into.  Do the right thing and get her salary in line, get a refund, and hire back some staff, or you can be sure you will be kissing more than just my single donation goodbye.  Know that this story is going viral and the entire NPR audience is listening.

PS: Oh yeah, and I don’t feel guilty downloading your podcasts anymore.