The Pope Song

30 04 2010

I think there is one spot in this you’ll have to watch out for that is slightly offensive (in case you’re at work).  I’m just saying.

Aside from that, I’m totally down with the sentiment expressed here.  100% and then some.

The Pope, Priests, And Those Damn Sexy Altar Boys

9 04 2010

I’ve held off commenting on the Pope and the Catholic child molestation story only because it was more interesting to watch the rest of the world spin in a tizzy of concern and outrage while still completely missing the point. It’s truly fascinating to watch most everyone from pundit and commentator to politician and parishioner wonder if the Pope should take any responsibility for the crimes of his church or the acts protected and promoted on his watch as bishop.

Indeed, some rightly point out that the institutional molestation and rape of thousands of children worldwide should be prosecuted and that everyone within the church who protected the criminals who committed these atrocities should be held accountable as accomplices to the crimes. Obviously. Oh if only the Catholic church would recognize the authority of US justice system and hand over the supporting documents in full cooperation with court subpoenas.

But most of the media somehow continues to miss the elephant with the long robes and funny hat right in front of them pissing in the the holy water.

So I ask anyone in the media who might come across this humble blog, in light of these horrible acts inflicted against the most defenseless among us, why do we give preferential treatment to any organization purely because they make unprovable claims of divine sanction?

If any other corporation or organization in the US had promoted and protected systematic child rape the police would not have hesitated to raid them in an effort to shut them down as soon as possible, to seize evidence for trials, to jail everyone involved, and to secure assets to be distributed to the victims.

Of course the Vatican is no mere corporation but is in fact a sovereign entity recognized by international law. It is reasonable however to expect that the United states would levy severe sanctions and even attack and invade any foreign nation operating bases in the US where the systematic rape of US children is being committed. The assertion that those bases are recruiting new members and distributing unverifiable propaganda would of course be a completely irrelevant and absurd defense.

So to put it more succinctly, this Pope and the Catholic church are directly responsible for the molestation and rape of more US children than Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Hitler combined.  Why haven’t people and the media been demanding that the police and the US government take stronger actions against this criminal organization that has for decades been committing crimes against humanity and protecting those who committed them?


Even Jesus Hates You

Witches, And Why I Do This

19 03 2009

Every so often someone will ask me why I bother with this blog.  Isn’t it only radical religion that’s bad while moderate religion is ultimately benign?  Why do I bother to post videos?  Why do I waste my time grinding out my opinions, arguments, and views in these posts?  Why do I beg people of faith to rationally reconsider the tenets of their chosen devotion and confront the obvious contradictions and hypocrisy therein?

I do this because, by association, moderate religion gives unjustified shelter to radical religion.  Because moderate faith is only separated from radical faith by a few degrees of literalism and commitment.  Because moderate religion demands universal respect for all religious beliefs regardless how ridiculous, immoral, irrational, or criminal they might be.

Need proof?

I could point to how yesterday, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary, the Pope declared that condoms make the spread of AIDS worse…but I won’t.

I could point to the systematic rape of children and polygamy within the FLDS…but I won’t.

I could point to the man who founded a Muslim-American television station (to help fight Muslim stereotypes) and then beheaded his wife with a sword in a traditional honor killing…but even that is not visceral enough.

I will point to this story where yesterday 1,000 people accused of being witches in Gambia have been locked up in secret detention centers and forced to drink a dangerous hallucinogenic potion.  Two have died so far.

I will point to this video that talks about the Pentacostal church teaching fear of witches in Niger Delta and the children who are maimed and killed as witches.

I will point you to the single most disturbing video I’ve ever seen.  It is infuriating and anguishing and I warn you up front that it shows people accused of being witches…being beaten…and burned alive.  This cannot be unwatched and it is not something to view at work or around children.  You have been warned. It is here.

To bring this full circle, as AIDS has taken its horrific toll in Africa, villagers have blamed witches — and not the virus — for the deaths.  (Thanks Pope!)

And lest you think this has no impact on people here in the US…  VP candidate Sarah Palin gave credit to Kenyan Pentecostal pastor Thomas Muthee for her 2006 gubernatorial election victory.  This same pastor began his ministry with a witch hunt against a Kenyan woman he accused of causing car accidents through demonic spells and famously prayed over Palin saying “In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, every form of witchcraft is what you rebuke. ”

The salvation of humanity rests in education and rational thought, not in the outdated superstitions of ancient dogma.  God help us?  Today God can only help us by getting out of the way.  So I do this small thing, this insignificant blog, to try and help bring the insanity and fear out of the dark corners of the world and to replace it with the light of reason and courage.  It isn’t much, but at least it’s something.


A Movie The Religious Will Cower From

7 06 2008

However if the religious out there do accidentally see it (funny, I thought this was the theater for Narnia) there will be a lot of people saying “Well my religion makes perfect sense  …but boy all those OTHER religions sure are silly.”

Um, right.

The End of the World Cometh!

7 06 2008

Heads up all you evangelicals, he very well could be right and this could be the BIG one. If he’s right and you don’t convert soon you will get left behind and suffer the consequences! REPENT NAOW!!!!

Yeah, that pitch sounds a little silly to you coming from the other direction doesn’t it? Welcome to my world.

Today’s Irreconcilable Religious Factoid: Noah and the Flood

6 06 2008

Today I ask the faithful the question:

“Do you believe the story of Noah and the flood? Why or why not?”

Sounds simple enough, but I imagine there is a broad spectrum of opinions on this well known story.  Not to ruin the surprise but I think the story is completely ridiculous.  I know, you’re shocked to hear that.  But I’ve heard young earthers talk about the flood in the context of ridding the earth of dinosaurs and creating the Grand Canyon.  Hell, there’s a whole section of the creationist museum in Cincinnati devoted to convincing people that the Noah story is true.

So c’mon people, what am I missing here?  Convince me God pulled off this amazing story…or are you just going to wuss out and tell me this is yet another example of the Bible teaching in parables?

Evangelically yours (in a completely heterosexual way),

Super J.

Why Don’t Atheists Take Christians Seriously?

2 06 2008

The only way this could be any creepier is if this guy was wearing a clown costume. Stick with it at least to the one minute mark…I dare you.

Thanks (I think) to Jeff for sharing this.