Whiny Right Wing Bitches

23 06 2008

I stumbled across some right wing douche bag wringing his hands about how it could be that committed Christians would possibly support a liberal Democrat.  The short answer is “George Bush”, but that really wouldn’t have persuaded this 26 percenter.  He then went on to list the usual talking (or whining) points about gays, abortion, welfare, needle programs, secularization of society, etc.  It really was uninspiring prattle but I couldn’t help but take a swing at such a slow hanging curve ball.  I replied:

Many committed Christians can support a liberal democrat because it’s liberals and not the right who are compassionate to the homeless, the elderly, the infirm and the poor through programs like welfare (which you pan later in your comment).

It’s because the right is dogmatic, intolerant, and very often hypocritical when it comes to issues of sex but liberals instead endorse and promote treating people with respect and dignity by recognizing that sexual preference is not a choice but a biological disposition.

It’s also because liberals do not promote failed programs like abstinence only but instead want to provide real sexual education that works so that the legally protected doctor/patient decision about abortion is as rare as possible.

As for needles, we would all prefer that people did not abuse drugs but pretending it isn’t a difficult and persistent problem won’t fix it.  Drug abusers will continue to abuse drugs with or without clean needles, so if inexpensive programs that provide clean needles will lower the instances of extremely expensive diseases and will also bring addicts in contact with information about help to get off of drugs then I believe that is money well spent.

As for purging faith and religion from public life, you’re mistaken.  Liberals only wish to make this country safe for all religious perspectives.  Christians may be the majority today but even if they were not liberals would adamantly protect your right to practice it while making sure no other religion is given preferential treatment by the government…just like the founding fathers intended it.

Republicans and the right like to complain about taxes but are often the first to ironically spout jingoistic comments like “Freedom isn’t FREE!!!”  Indeed, it is not, but apparently only some of us are willing to step up and make sacrifices for the greater good.  Just like Jesus would .

Who knows, maybe one or two of those points will make sense to him. I doubt it, but just maybe.


The Coolest Desk EVER!

23 05 2008

If you don’t think this is the coolest desk ever you just don’t have any idea how wrong you really are. Yes, it’s that cool.

Awesome doesn't get any more awesome than this!

“Yes sir, I’d like to demand a raise. What? Why no I didn’t see your new desk. That IS something isn’t it?! Yes, um, I’m sure what I said is that I’m overpaid and underworked…nevermind.”

Credit: From Tom Spina Designs