To George Bush

18 01 2009

Or to put it more succinctly

As heartfelt a gesture as I've ever extended to another human being

As heartfelt a gesture as I've ever extended to another human being

McCain Family Planning Policy: Babies Taste Good!

16 06 2008

Well it’s almost that bad.

McCain on McCain on Bush: 4 More Years?

15 06 2008

How Many Americans Believe in God?

11 06 2008

Even though the data is from May 2007 it is still disturbing data for the non-superstitious reality based demographic. I doubt it has gotten much better in the past twelve months.

Obama and McCain: Contrasting Views On Religion

9 06 2008

I know I just had this video clip of McCain in another recent blog entry, but I wanted to repeat it here to make it easy to access and so you could compare and contrast these two views. I think the juxtaposition is remarkable.

A sampling of Obama’s views on the role of religion in American politics.

A sampling of McCain’s views on the role of religion in American politics.

Any questions?

What Would You Ask President Bush?

9 06 2008

I just read a great interview with Helen Thomas, the only member of the White House press corps that has the guts to regularly ask the tough and uncomfortable questions.  Helen is just awesome and deserves our collective thanks for having more balls than all of the rest of the entire White House press corps combined.  But the interview left me wondering:

If this president had been given a truth serum and you had one chance to ask him any question in a broadcast press conference what would it be?

For me I could ask “”Mr. President, everyone recognizes that the “War on Terror” is complete bullshit, so please give me and the American people the real reasons why you have destroyed habeas corpus, destroyed the freedom of speech, destroyed the separation of church and state, needlessly destroyed the lives of thousands of US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis (and their families), destroyed this country’s international standing by going to was with a country that did nothing to us and by sanctioning torture and extraordinary rendition, and why have you completely destroyed the founding father’s separation of powers by creating the concept of the unitary executive?”

Of course the shorter version is “Mr. President, why do you hate America so much?”

I might have have a few other ideas, but what would you ask him?

America Was Founded On Christianity Because John McCain Says So

9 06 2008

I had done some research used to think that the separation of church and state was not only intentional but one of the better attributes of this country. Heck, I even wrote a blog post on the topic. Alas, John McCain tells me that that isn’t so. Damn, I just can’t argue with John on this point.

I’m not saying he’s old enough to have been there at the birth of the nation. Of course not, that would be a silly thing to say. No, he’s old enough to have been there pouring beers when Democracy got Liberty all drunk at that party where he then invited his friends State, Freedom and Religion over to have the free for all orgy…which of course then resulted in the birth of this bastard nation a few months later.

He also remembers that the phrase “separation of Church and State” arose after Church proved to be an especially angry drunk and started getting a little too “preachy” for State. Democracy eventually had to separate them after Church “accidentally” spilled her beer on State. It was a little bit of a scene.

It’s also worth noting that John was there at the naming ceremony of this great nation and he remembers that the original name was supposed to be “The Jesus Christ Incorporated States For Wayward Religious Zealots And Stupid Fucking Neocons”, but then it was decided at the last minute that “United States of America” had a better ring to it. (Good call there)

Oh yeah, totally true story.

Here’s to hope…and not.

6 06 2008

After the dark ages these past 7 years it feels utterly audacious to hope again. Here’s to hoping we can all find hope again.

And just for comparison here’s one that other guy…you know, the old one who thinks like Bush.

Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

3 06 2008

Senator Barack Obama has officially secured the Democratic presidential nomination.

Now will someone please go and tell Hillary to go away already.

Hillary’s Honor Worth Less Than A Stained Blue Dress

3 06 2008

In the beginning of the race I would have voted for Hillary. She is arguably highly qualified, determined, and dedicated to becoming the first woman president…but for me she has gone way too far to be redeemed.

She and the other Democratic candidates originally agreed that Florida and Michigan should have their delegates taken away when they moved their primary dates up. Obama and other candidates went so far as to remove their names from the Michigan ballot and avoided campaigning in either state. Hillary, on the other hand did campaign in those states and she left her name on the Michigan ballot. At the time I thought it might be shrewd move since it would provide some additional face time in the event she would secure the nomination.

Alas, when she lobbied to have the delegates from those states restored I lost all respect for her seeing her instead as cowardly, craven, deceptive, self serving, dishonest and lacking any integrity. Everyone else was following the rules but she decides to seize these delegates under the false pretense and utterly transparent call for fairness to the citizens of Michigan and Florida.

Then, when the Democratic rules committee allowed some of the delegates to be counted and split the Michigan delegates 50/50 between her and Obama she and her campaign have the nerve to whine that they were being treated unfairly.

She might be intelligent and tenacious but given her recent performance I wouldn’t trust her any more than I’d trust her husband at a fat drunken college cheerleader convention. She has shown herself lacking honor and integrity, and frankly given the past seven years that’s the precise thing we need most in the white house.

Hillary give up this pathetic flailing abortion you call a campaign and do something good for this country. You’re only making a fool of yourself now and you’re embarrassing everyone who would have been sympathetic to your situation. It’s time to sit down.