A Proud Moment For Arizona

11 07 2009

Did you know this broad flat expansive earth of ours is only 6000 years old?Ā  Well Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen does!

For the love of Christ, I think the stupidity chronically infecting the Texas BOE must be contagious.

God Laughs As Kurt Warner FAILS!

1 02 2009

Football phenom and all around annoying Christian praise fountain Kurt Warner found that all his incessant praying and props to God was all for naught.

In a post game interview God said that he just wanted to screw with Warner because he was getting cocky and frankly He was getting annoyed with all the gratuitous references.

“Kurt’s not my BFF despite what he keeps telling everyone. To be honest (and what else can I be) he’s kind of a tool.” the Almighty was heard to intone from a magically burning bowl of nachos.

“Besides”, God commanded, “I’m more of a UFC guy myself. All those men in pads and helmets are pussies.”