Conservatives And Their Gay Hating Fixation

23 02 2010

What is with Republicans and their relentless hate of all things homosexual? Some of these people seem otherwise intelligent and yet they can’t recognize iron age bigotry for what it is. No, instead they delude themselves that there is an invisible being who spoke to illiterate desert nomads thousands of years ago and told them that He loves all of the creatures He created in His world…except of course for the fagots.

To any Republicans who might stumble on this post: Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with your brains?! Quit letting you leaders dupe you with their fear mongering and manipulations, stop being ignorant lemmings and THINK FOR YOURSELVES FOR A CHANGE!! I’m trying to help here because you look like the biggest douche-bags in history!

Empty Catholic Anti-Abortion Rhetoric

25 11 2009

I was amused watching this because it’s one of the few times I’ve seen an interviewer force an anti-abortion advocate to really confront the empty rhetoric of their position.  I couldn’t believe it as I was listening and sensed exactly where Chris Matthews was going with his counterpoint following a common line of reasoning I myself have used in the past.  Where the Bishop is used to being able to chastise lawmakers from his high moral perch with impunity Matthews forced the Bishop to complete the thought process and define the precise ramifications of such “moralistic” platitudes.   Bla bla bla, enough from me, just watch this and be amazed.

Intelligent Conversation About Abortion

17 06 2009

Most “Pro-Life” diatribes are simplistic and logically tidy.  Unfortunately while some are well written, they are typically unfortunately myopic. Nobody who gets an abortion does so frivolously. There is no thoughtful discussion about the devastating unwanted impact on the life of a raped woman or the life and death urgency for a woman who could die if a fetus is carried to term?

They also lack heartfelt contemplations about how society has stacked the deck against single mothers and how they might be far less likely to get an abortion if only for adequate childcare/healthcare? There is also no indignation over wages that are 80 cents on the dollar of what men make, and how fair wages would better enable her to work and support her children?

Alas, there is no analysis on how to improve family planning or fix our broken adoption system that is failing to adequately care for the children who are already here and needing help?

Sadly, their pieces are generally thoughtful, but only as far as they go. Unfortunately, like most of the pro-life arguments, they rarely go far enough to actually address the actual problems being faced by real people in tough situations. To imply that women are just killing babies for no reason blithely ignores the broader and far more complicated reality.

Contrasting Images

30 01 2009

A big hat tip to Feministe for this original post.  I’m blown away.

Two of the most important women’s-rights-related bill-signings in the past few years.

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003:

And the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009:

Any Questions?

What I Want For Christmas!

4 12 2008

Tasteless yet Tasty all at the same time.

Sweet fetus goodness

Sweet fetus goodness

Talk about sweet baby Jesus!  Get the afterbirth colored frosting and some sprinkles and we have a party!!