Santorum Concedes: ‘We Will Never Have…Smart People On Our Side’

16 09 2012

No really.  I’m not making a joke this time, he actually said it.

So this means that this video describes his base?

Look, I miss the old Republican party.  Back in the days of Eisenhower and even Nixon the party had genuine ideas.  They were willing to make compromises and, you know, actually govern.  Today’s Republican party has been hijacked by a radical right wing evangelical element of conservatives like Mr. Santorum and Mrs. Palin.  They have no interest in governing and instead focus on obstructing all progress even if it means tearing down the country to do it.

Well, at least they know who are in their base.  God help us.


No One Murdered Because Of This Image

14 09 2012

Icky, but not lethal.

And unlike the followers of some other more insecure gods, nobody was outraged to the point of committing murder because of this image.  And that’s saying something because that’s some pretty fun depraved stuff right there.

I love the Onion.,29553/


12 09 2012

This about sums it up.



Open letter to my Republican friends

12 08 2012

Let me put it out there first that I think there are many things Obama is doing very very wrong.  Among the topics I’m most frustrated with Obama over are things like him not eliminating FISA and not closing Guantanamo.  I despise him for not even trying to pass universal single payer health care when he started the negotiations that resulted in the Affordable Healthcare Act.  I’m utterly dismayed that he has followed an executive policy that permits him to kill Americans on foreign soil via drone strikes with no trial or due process whatsoever.  I hate that he has prosecuted and deported almost as many immigrants in 3 years (1.2 million) as George W Bush did in 8 (1.57 million).  I absolute loathe that he hasn’t prosecuted even one of the bankers who nearly collapsed our global economy through their criminal actions.

So for as much as you may be hearing that Obama is a Marxist Communist Liberal, to me Obama is a moderate conservative and a  corporate suck up who is not even remotely close to being liberal enough.  Not like it’s a big surprise here but I’m probably the single most liberal guy you know, so I lose my mind when time after time Obama offers up warmed over right wing policies and the Democrats cheer.  I feel like screaming when re-branded proposals from the American Heritage foundation are ushered in with holy day fanfare just because they’re coming from a president with a “D” following his name.

As Republicans go I generally like you, but unless you think it’s a good idea for us to go down a political rabbit hole where we’re just going to discover how much we deeply disagree with each other I think you should remove me from your pro-Romney mailing list.  You see for as much as I desperately disagree with many of Obama’s policies or cringe at his pandering or hate his uncontested capitulations to the right, I also happen to think that Mitt Romney is the single most loathsome, insincere, and mendacious corporate tool to ever run for president.


Super J

Misplaced Outrage

12 07 2012

Misplaced outrage

I offer this to the many many people who visit my most popular post.

Why I don’t post as much these days

11 03 2012

This kinda sums it up.

house md if you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people

Religion, Politics, and Crazy People

9 12 2011

I may yet need to write a longer post about this very topic because the title hints at a potentially rich essay, but in the meantime this will fill the need nicely.