Rubik’s Cube Meets The Lego/Android Master

23 10 2011

This is some sweet Lego/Android badassery.

Amazing Shuttle Launch Slow Motion

20 12 2010

I could watch this all day.  I’d love to get my hands on a Blue Ray version of this.  Geektastic awesomeness.

My Little Piece Of Fucking With Strangers

15 10 2010

Tip of the ol’ thorny crown to the Rachel Maddow blog for this clip. Good find.

Deep Images

28 09 2009

They don’t get much deeper than this.  A little something for you to get your science geek on.  Happy Monday.

Ad Makes Mac Users Froth Like An Over Priced Latte’

30 03 2009

So apparently this little ad is really pissing off the Mac fan boys out there.  The part that makes them the most apoplectic is when our intrepid shopper offhandedly quips “I guess I’m not cool enough to be a Mac person.”

You can hear foreheads hitting desks in graphic arts departments all over the country on that one.

Now to be clear, my little laptop is 6 years old with an AMD 64bit processor in it that I’m pretty sure is common in most microwave ovens by now.  But this p.o.s. machine keeps plucking along with XP-pro and it’s still quick enough to do everything I need to do.

Lately, however, I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting something new.  I have good friends who are new and very enthusiastic Mac converts who urge me to give the new line of Apple Macbooks a try.  After killing some time in the local Apple store I must confess that I really like the gesture functions of the multi-touch pad, and the solid aluminum design is pleasantly minimal and sturdy.

But the cost of entry for those features still seems absurd and prohibitive when a comparatively equipped PC is a fraction of the cost.

Now if were I to go out and buy a new PC today some of my Macified friends could aptly wield the bloatware Vista against me, except that I can easily install XP or Ubuntu on my new PC.  Hell, I’m even okay with waiting a few more months for Windows 7.  All said I’m competent enough with computers that I’m not that troubled by the OS wars.  All in all I’m just not yet convinced that a Mac is worth the extra money.

Now to get back to the ad, the people who love the Mac because it’s a better tool for the job they’re doing don’t care a whit about such marketing fluff, they just ignore it and keep doing their work. It’s the rest of the Mac fans out there that are all worked up. The ad (real or not) resonates with the common user because it points out the biggest problem for many of the most devout Mac faithful:

“You paid more just so you could look cool”.

The ad busts that bubble because nothing is less cool than looking like you’re a poseur who is actually trying to look cool by buying the newest “cool” gadget. And given the years of Mac/PC ads where Apple has strained to present themselves as the “cool” kid, this kind of calling out is blasphemy of the highest order causing people all over to whine that the ad is “offensive.”


Some of us don’t mind looking less cool if it means we can get our shit done just the same…but for less money.   I’d rather be smart than look cool any day.

Coolest Inauguration Photo Ever!

27 01 2009

The people at Gigapan put together this massive photo up that you can pan and zoom in to an alomst unbelievable degree.  You can even see Justice Clarence Thomas napping during Obama’s speech.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Super J.

Who Knew Global Development Trends Could Be Fun?

21 08 2008

Global development illustrated. This very intriguing (albeit slightly long) video takes a novel approach towards data display and makes a strong case that the world is trending well in many respects. Well worth your time to watch.

100% Renewable Power

18 07 2008

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a president with big ideas, one that would inspire us and provide the impetus to lead the world with our technology and solve her problems.

“We’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the planet. Every bit of that has to change.” – Al Gore

Compare that with the Alpha Dog of the Week

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To all of you who ever voted for Bush and to the Supreme Court who in large part gave us our current Asshat in Chief…FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!

FISA: Protecting Everyone Except The American People

23 06 2008

This is from Olbermann from the first time the FISA bills were being amended…but you wouldn’t be able to tell given that the arguments are all the same today.

Please call your Senators today while your calls are still untapped and you can still make a difference.

Call Congress: Vote NO To Telecom Immunity

19 06 2008

AT&T whistle blower Mark Klein succinctly pins down the basics of the snooping allegations the EFF’s pursuing against AT&T in two minutes.

The New York Times has an editorial that nails the issue with more detail but I have paraphrased that article here for your condensed reading pleasure.

The White House and Democratic and Republican leaders on Capitol Hill announced a “compromise” on a domestic spying bill that is decidedly NOT a compromise. The White House and Republicans lap dogs want to keep courts from reviewing the legality of domestic spying programs and to give legal immunity to the telecommunications companies that broke the law by helping Mr. Bush carry out his warrantless wiretapping operation.

The 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, requires the government to get a warrant to intercept communications between anyone in this country and anyone outside it. The FISA court has approved all but a small handful of the thousands of warrants requested by the government so anybody claimg the government’s hands are tied is ignorant or lying.  (President Bush, I’m looking at you)

Still, after Sept. 11, 2001, Mr. Bush bypassed the FISA court and authorized the interception of international calls and e-mail messages without a warrant.  Once news about this got out in 2005 Bush falsely claimed that FISA did not allow the United States to act quickly enough to stop terrorists. Not surprisingly that was complete crap because FISA always gave the government the power to listen first and then get a warrant later (up to 48 hours later).

FISA did require a technology update since it required a warrant to eavesdrop on foreign communications that go through American computers, but it was an easy fix.  Unfortunately when Congress made the fix last year, they once again curled into a pathetic fetal position and let the White House add amendments that seriously diluted the courts’ ability to restrain the government from spying on its own citizens.  Typical really.

That law expires on Aug. 3, and Bush is trying to not only get it renewed but to weasel in more spy powers and the telcom immunity.  Obviously given this administration’s refusal to submit to any oversight from courts or congress, lawsuits against the telcoms are the single best hope of finding out the extent of Mr. Bush’s lawless spying.

Alas Democratic leaders in Congress are still craven spineless cowards and have agreed to a phony compromise drafted by the Republican vice chairman of the Intelligence Committee Senator Christopher Bond.  Under this “compromise” the government could tap all communications in the United States without individual warrants or even a showing of probable cause…and it would do so with greatly reduced judicial review.

If Congress cannot pass a clean bill that fixes the one real problem with FISA, it should simply extend the temporary authorization. At a minimum, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, should oppose FISA expansion and pledge to revisit it next year. If any significant changes are going to be made, they should be made under the next president, Barack Obama.

Please call your Congressional Representative and tell them you want this appalling legislation blocked.  Also encourage the funding of stem cell research so that someday Democratic leaders can get the spinal and testical transplants they so clearly need.