Rubik’s Cube Meets The Lego/Android Master

23 10 2011

This is some sweet Lego/Android badassery.

I Guess The Pope Needed Help With His Yule Log

15 12 2010

Some things just defy reason.  To wit, here’s how the Pope apparently likes to celebrate Christmas.

Please comment freely, I’m just too baffled to find anything that could make this any funnier .

My Little Piece Of Fucking With Strangers

15 10 2010

Tip of the ol’ thorny crown to the Rachel Maddow blog for this clip. Good find.

A Thought Experiment For You

24 02 2010

Before you read the article below, do you consider yourself to be more creative(in which you see the big picture, make broad associations and connect disparate ideas) or analytical (in which your brain zooms in and focuses on details)?

Got an answer? Okay, now go read THIS article from Scientific American.

Now what do you think? Do you think it’s accurate?

Welcome To My New Exercise Regimen

4 02 2010

Because all that swimming was making me wet.  No, wait, not like that, I mean the water actually…oh never mind.

Victim In Fatal Car Crash Tragically Not Glenn Beck

3 11 2009

A video so sad you must watch it here.  I, for one, am speechless.

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face!

29 10 2009

Surprisingly there is a grain of truth to this video as there are studies that show that even the intentional act of smiling can improve your mood.

“Another small but effective step you can take to help you feel better throughout the day is to smile often. Smiling – even if just to yourself – can instantly lift your mood”

That said I don’t think those studies used a stab to the neck to remind you to smile so your results may vary.