After Sitting In Chair 8 Months Waiting For A Miracle, Man Not Waiting Anymore

12 12 2009

In South Carolina 550-pound Job Tillman snapped his ACL but couldn’t afford to go to the doctor, so this enormous man of faith did what any normal Glenn Beck fan would do.  He went back to his trailer, stripped naked, covered himself with a blanket, and sat down in his favorite recliner and prayed for God to fix his leg for him.

Yep.  He sat and read his Bible, and ate, and prayed, and posted sermons online, and ate some more, and shat all over himself. Exactly like his savior Glenn Beck does…except he did it for 8 months straight.

The pain eventually became unbearable so his wife called an ambulance.  When the authorities finally came to get him his now 800 pound sore covered feces pustule of a body had merged with his barcalounger and they had to saw the recliner apart (and cut a hole around the front door) to get him out.

Upon arriving at the hospital the doctors were of course surprised to find that Jesus had not gotten around to fixing his ACL.  In fact Christ apparently looked disapprovingly upon him abandoning his faith after only 8 months…so Jesus killed him in the hospital.

True story!

So you might be wondering what’s the moral here?  Surprisingly it is that the Republicans should see this story and realize that they have the most to gain from universal single payer health care reform.

  1. Because $300 could have saved this hard right faith based conservative Republican Sarah Palin vote for the next presidential election, and
  2. I’m guessing that the hospital spent more extracting him from his couch and trailer that it would have cost to fix his leg in the first place.

See, it makes perfect political AND financial sense.  I just don’t understand why the Republicans aren’t out in front of this issue.


A Democrat With Balls

1 10 2009

To those poor insulted Republicans who say “no” to every health care reform that comes up in the House and Senate Alan Grayson says cry me a river.  Grayson had the balls to come on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and once there pulled no punches in his assessment of the Republicans and their stall tactics…and good for him too.  Kudos to you sir.

And to you neanderthal Republicans out there who disagree with him I encourage you to go ahead and prove him wrong or quit your whimpering.

Here’s Grayson’s speech on the House floor that started all the noise…

And here’s his smack down on the Situation Room.

Good stuff.

Wilson Even More Wrong Than Rude

12 09 2009

Keith’s Special Comment this week takes a swat at the rude Republican troll who shouted at President Obama during his speech.  Good stuff.

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Franken Talks Sense To Teabaggers

5 09 2009

Confronted at the Minnesota State Fair by a group of angry teabaggers, Senator Al Franken took the time to talk reasonably and sensibly to them using something they had never heard before…logic and facts. He was FAR more patient than I would have been. Kudos to you sir.

Us And Them

31 08 2009

A truly inspired piece of work by Driftglass and Joe Max. Watch and just wonder why all the teabaggers didn’t get upset before, yet now they’re shouting about how the gummint is taking over their Medicare. So many idiots being manipulated by Republicans and insurance companies that have no interest whatsoever in really helping solve the problems real people face.

Bill Moyers: Money Driven Medicine

31 08 2009

If only more Republicans and Tea Party activists would watch this we might be able to have a real conversation.

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Part II
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You can find the original clips here.  Please, take the time and watch this.

Barney Frank Smacks Down Ignorant Right Wing Douchebag

19 08 2009

Honestly we need more senators and representatives to be willing to call bullshit when it starts stinking up the room like this. Kudos to you Mr. Frank…Kudos!

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