Putting The Mental in Fundamentalist

22 10 2010

Seriously, these people are promoting some pretty fucked up beliefs.  We’re talking Glenn Beck levels of fucked up.

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Open Letter To The Pope

13 09 2010


Martin Luther Beck, Jr.?

1 09 2010

I'm shocked I tell you. Shocked!

Consider Again That Pale Blue Dot

15 08 2010

Carl Sagan had it right.

Have a good week out there.

Can Science Determine Morality?

9 08 2010

Sam Harris at TED in Feb 2010:

The Tree Of Knowledge

5 07 2010

The most perfect symbol of everything that is wrong with religion is shimmering at the core of Christianity.  The original sin.  The sin that got the ball rolling and opened the flood gates of damnation for all future generations.  The sin for which a savior was miraculously sent and eventually had to die for.

The sin of pursuing (and sharing) knowledge.

When created, both Adam and Eve were utterly ignorant, but it is apparent from the story that they both desired understanding.  Starving for the knowledge of right and wrong, craving wisdom, and dying of curiosity the fruit of that tree was very satisfying indeed.  So satisfying that once obtained Eve had to share it.  Of course once that knowledge had been obtained it was then impossible to remain in the cloistered “perfect” garden of blissful ignorance.

And that’s the ultimate problem with religion.  It must keep the flock sheltered from the facts that lay bare that the promises of a loving god, of redemption, and of heaven …are all just flimsy embellishments of an illusion.  An illusion perpetuated by the avoidance of knowledge and the active fortification of ignorance.

If the quest for knowledge is our greatest sin then I would strive to be the greatest sinner…and the greatest advocate of that original sin.  You can keep your saviors.  In days like these it will be in that original sin that our truest salvation will be found and realized.


15 06 2010

This morning the “King of Kings” (aka the Touchdown Jesus) statue in Monroe Ohio burned to the ground after being struck by lightning.

What…like I could possibly add anything to make that even more awesome?


I found a little more awesome.  Here’s a picture of the statue burning at 11:20 last night.

And some of the local quotes are equally awesome.

Levi Walsh, 29 said “Of all the things that could have been struck, I just think that that would be protected. … It’s something that’s not supposed to happen, Jesus burning,” … who then noted the giant Hustler Hollywood sign for the adult store across the street was untouched.


Double Secret Update!

Video of the burning savior right here my friend.  Don’t worry though because Big Butter Jesus will be back in three days as was written in the prophecy.  Be sure to bring pancakes.  Lots and lots of pancakes.

(You might want to mute the sound on this though.  You’ve been warned.)