Crazies Turn On One Of Their Own…

19 04 2010

…but only because he dared to be rational and started talking common sense.

A CULT?  Really?  You don’t say?

Hey there Doc, we atheists have been saying that for a long time now.  Welcome to our world.

The Literal Story Of Creation

8 03 2010

To all you well read Bible literalists out there, please feel free to comment on the mistakes in this video. I certainly wouldn’t want to get the story wrong you know.

Clever Monkeys

8 03 2010

Some of our cousins in this video are more capable than some half-term Alaskan Governors I can think of.

Ever Hear How Humans Are The Only Animals To Use Tools?

22 10 2009

Yeah…I fucking love THAT joke!

Deep Images

28 09 2009

They don’t get much deeper than this.  A little something for you to get your science geek on.  Happy Monday.

Science Is Real

9 09 2009

I thought we could simplify the argument for those out there who still cling to creationism.  You can dance along if you like.

The Greatest Show On Earth

7 09 2009

This should be a good read.  It’s on my list if anyone feels like sending me an early b-day gift.  🙂

A Proud Moment For Arizona

11 07 2009

Did you know this broad flat expansive earth of ours is only 6000 years old?  Well Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen does!

For the love of Christ, I think the stupidity chronically infecting the Texas BOE must be contagious.

Intelligent Design Is Obvious

27 06 2009

The less I think the more I feel that warm “loved by an invisible all powerful sky daddy” feeling washing over me.

Who Visits Creationist Museums?

14 06 2009

An interesting article from BBC news that looks at the fundamentalists who visit the creationist museum in this anniversary year of Darwinian Evolution. 

According to one Robert Mailloux, visiting from Colorado Springs, Darwin’s theory of evolution is “not even a low grade hypothesis” and he insists that it has “no substantial science” in it.  Of course he goes on to explain his rock solid, proof positive, basis for real science.  “The Bible says God created the Earth in six days and we flat believe that.”

Wow, with brilliant logic like that and a museum full of propagand that gets 700,000 visitors in just two years it’s no wonder the rest of the world thinks we are a bunch of morons.