When is 26 > 134,000,000 ?

18 09 2012

134 Million is the approximate number of Americans it takes to make up 43% of the U.S. population.  But the 134 Million people I’m specifically talking about are the ones who comprise the 50 million lowest income households in America.

So why am I talking about the lowest earning 43% in America?  Because their collective net worth doesn’t equal the net worth of the 26 individual billionaires who are trying to buy this year’s election.

Bernie Sanders recently released a study that showed 26 billionaires who have already given $61 million dollars to the Republican politicians and Super PACs this election season.  When you consider that low income households, by definition, don’t have much disposable income it’s fair to estimate the relative political contributions of the poorest 43% of America is most certainly a percent that rounds up to 0% when compared to the donations of our gang of influential billionaires.

What’s worse, the $61 million contributed from the billionaires does not include the $100 million that Sheldon Adelson has promised, or the $400 million that the Koch brothers have pledged to spend during the 2012 election season to defeat President Obama.

This sort of discrepancy of power and influence is the core of the problem with the Citizens United ruling.  Now we have a handful of billionaires who can overwhelm the airwaves with money and negative ads while hiding in near complete anonymity and remain unaccountable.  So while some Americans have the time and attention to get political information from multiple sources, the vast majority of Americans don’t.  For the bulk of America a deluge of attack ads full of fabrications are their primary source of information and irresistibly persuasive.

So while the average American citizen has the liberty and freedom to make their own choices, it’s insurmountably difficult for them to do so intelligently when they’re being force fed so much misinformation by a few billionaires with no accountability. Historically speaking 98% of elections are won by the candidate with the most money.  Democratic and Republican politicians alike will find they are forced to court the richest of the rich because they will be the only way the politicians can get enough money to get elected.  And then our government will be truly and completely bought by the rich, whereby they can stack the system even more in their own favor.

I’m really not interested in this outcome.  The only way to stop this is to pass a constitutional amendment that declares that corporations are not people, and that all future political campaigns are publically funded.  I know it’s a long shot but given the Citizens United ruling from our corporately owned Supreme Court we are left with no other choice.

Visit Wolf-Pac, sign the petition, pledge a few bucks, tell your friends.  Every little bit helps and maybe, just maybe, we can change this stacked game and make it work for all Americans, not just the 26 richest ones.



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8 05 2017

Treeni oli hyvä! Mutta parasta oli Teemun AITO ilo onnistumisestaan! Oli mukavaa olla kokemassa tuo ilo! ONNEA!! Tiedän tuon tu0e#tn&e823n;..:)

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