Welfare Queens by the Numbers.

18 09 2012

I’ll make this quick.  Mitt Romney thinks about 47% of Americans “pay no taxes” and are “dependent upon government”.  To me this conjures up horrific images of welfare queens.  The fact is that as of 7/26/2012: only 4.1% of the US population is on welfare.

Not 47%…4.1%.

And in case you’re taking the Republican bait and conjuring up some kind of racial stereotype in your mind you should know that of those who are on welfare 39.8 % are black and 38.8% are white.

And lest you think this 4.1% of Americans take no responsibility for their lives, it’s worth pointing out that 19% of welfare recipients are on it for less than 7 months and only 19.6% are on it for more than 5 years.  So assuming one has to do something for more than 5 years for it to be established as a “way of life” it appears that 0.8% (less than 1%) of our population has made welfare a way of life.

Let me put this in a different perspective.  In 2006 about $59 billion was spent on traditional social welfare programs while $92 billion was spent on corporate subsidies. Our government spent 50% more on corporate welfare than it did on food stamps and housing assistance.

Now those same corporate welfare queens are bribing our politicians with obscene Super PAC campaign contributions in an effort to get  those politicians to further cut regulations and increase the corporate handouts.

It’s enough to make a guy sick, except I live in America and I don’t have health insurance (and Mitt doesn’t think I deserve that either).



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