12 09 2012

This about sums it up.






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14 09 2012

Awesome 🙂
Glad I found a site where I can feel rational togetherness.
Perhaps I will find some good advice on how I can convince my wife to not brainwash our newborn.

14 09 2012

Glad to have you here. If your wife insists on exposing your kid to the teachings of her religion my advice would be these things. I do these with my kids regardless.

1) Share with your kid the teachings (crazy and reasonable) from other religions. That way he/she won’t get the impression that Mom’s religion is the only one saying this stuff.

2) Since most religious indoctrination cherry picks the more rational sounding stuff (at least in the beginning) I’d help your wife do a more complete job by sharing with your kid some of the extra special crazy stuff too (I mean c’mon, it’s in the Bible). Your kid will pick up on your skepticism and start asking obvious questions.

3) Generally encourage your kid to ask questions and think for his/ her self. That alone is the antidote to religious indoctrination. It also makes points 1 and 2 that much more effective.

15 09 2012

Very reasonable…. I’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to respectfully fight this battle. Particularly the best way to answer my daughters inevitable questions when she does pick up on my obvious skepticism. It’s my hope she’ll make her own educated decision and not just follow the sheep. pun intended. This should be fun and I’ll do my best.
Thanks SJ, I’ll be enjoying your site for a while 🙂


15 09 2012

Oh and the latest turn of events with fanatical protests and murder is what has be especially concerned about the dangers of indoctrinated belief structures where my daughter is concerend.
Noone lives their life by believeing that Santa comes down thier chimney and leaves presents. Its fun. But organized religion man….. so silly. And to think people will kill over this nonsense. So hypocritical.
I agree with you 100% in your statements and debates.
Thanks for posting.

15 09 2012

I appreciate your support. Jump into the fray anytime.

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