Halloween and the Exploding Brains of Evangelicals

10 10 2011

Nothing, and I mean nothing, seems to work evangelicals up into a lather like Halloween.

Ignore that the holiday is rooted in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.  Forget that it’s now just a secular bit of fun where kids can dress up, eat some candy and enjoy the last little bit of fall before the long cold winter takes hold.

No, evangelicals think that everyone is celebrating Satan and surrendering their souls to the dark lord in exchange for candy corn.  So much fear and panic has set in for them that they have now decided to try and rename the holiday…wait for it…


Honetly, they just take the sport out of making fun of them when they do it so well themselves.




4 responses

12 10 2011

Damn….it’s been a long time. So SJ can be resurrected more than once. And all it took was another pagan holiday. 🙂

18 10 2011
Worship Flags

Does that mean you have to dress up as Jesus?

19 10 2011

Not necessarily. I’m guessing you could just dress up as Jesus’s ween.

20 11 2011
Ali Khazel

Allah is big and Mohammad is his phrophet

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