The Skin Gun, It’s Not Science Fiction

2 02 2011

This is so fantastic I can barely grasp the good this technology will do and how much it will improve the lives of burn victims.  In the video they show a prototype medical device that literally sprays skin cells onto burn victims to re-grow skin. Old methods like skin grafts took weeks to heal; the skin gun needs about an hour.

Though it is still technically in an experimental stage, the skin gun has already successfully treated over a dozen burn victims.

The video has some graphic burn images, so don’t watch unless you have the stomach for it.

Science, it works bitches!



2 responses

2 02 2011

That is pretty incredible. I went to school with someone who had been in a fire and had some serious scars from burns. They went through a lot of skin graft surgerys and the results were not anything like this. Amazing…..

3 02 2011
Kenneth Copeland

Thanks to science for this new discovery. This can help a lot of burn victims who are agonize by their physical look due to deformation of the skin. It certainly will improve their lives.

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