What’s Wrong With Blasphemy?

31 01 2011

Much more serious than I had anticipated.  Good stuff.



3 responses

4 02 2011

It is very sad that you seem to mock & blaspheme God, I find it offensive. Christians are most forgiving & benign, Muslims on the hand do not take kindly to blaspheme of their god Allah. So since they will stop at nothing till sharia law is law of the land. Love to blaspheme, hey knock your self out!

5 02 2011

So help me understand your position.

Imagine that a large number of people believed that the Harry Potter series was not just entertaining but was in fact Holy scripture. They believed in the divinity so thoroughly that they would attack anyone who made fun of their “religion” or would go so far as to kill a person for blaspheming Dumbledore or for suggesting that J K Rowlings is not really a prophet?

Are you suggesting that mocking these clearly absurd beliefs is out of bounds just because the holders of those beliefs might become unstable and lash out violently at the perceived blasphemy?

I think I might just have to find your complete lack of rational thought offensive. How do you like that?

And I think Christians are perhaps on the whole more benign, but don’t kid yourself that there are plenty who will readily kill over those beliefs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duXSTGanPqk

8 05 2017

HÃrli¤gt med lördag =) Här kom jag frÃ¥n jobbet för en stund sen, en varm bastu och en kall öl pÃ¥ det. Livet är härligt ❤

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