Religious Morality Illustrated

12 07 2010

A powerful case.  I’ve been surprised before but I don’t anticipate any religious apologists being willing to watch this all the way through, much less bringing forth a worthwhile rebuttal.

I do hope someone surprises me with a serious response.



One response

16 07 2010

I could not understand the logic behind the ethics I was taught as a child. Morality based on fundamentalist doctrine and Bible teachings made no sense to me. Time and again I would question my father,

“But why?”
“But I don’t understand!”
What about this?”
“Why that?”
“But it doesn’t seem fair!”
“How can that be so?”

It simply didn’t compute with me. It never made any sense. Stories like the one about God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and Abraham actually being willing to do it were the stuff of nightmares for my tender mind.

I had to obey, however, and if I dared to question things too much, I was likely to get spanked. Dad was never gentle with his spankings. They were beatings — with a belt –truth be told.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child!” he would declare.

I’d retort with, “Father, provoke not your children to anger lest they be discouraged,” which would usually result in a backhanded slap across my mouth hard enough to leave me with a fat lip for a day or two.

I’m middle aged now, but it hasn’t been more than a few years gone by since the day I was an adult riding in the back seat of my parents’ car. Dad turned in place behind the wheel and raised his hand to place it on the back of the front car seat. I flinched before I realized he was simply making preparations to drive in reverse. I remember feeling flushed, blushing with embarrassment as anger and shame welled up within me moments later.

Mr. Dawkins, in these video clips, expresses very well the objections I came up with in my mind when I was child as I was being taught all about the Love of God, the Fear of God, original sin, Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for my sins, and the sacrificial lambs and goats so often spoken of in the Bible. I thought I was insane. I hated God. I hated the Bible. I hated church. I hated my father. My childhood sucked. I have no good memories of any of it.

Today I know better. There is no God. The Bible is fictitious and fatally flawed. Church is corrupt. Church is about more about controlling people and fleecing people than it is about fellowship or worship. Church is filled with a wide assortment of evil people, dominant people, submissive people, needy people, gullible people, lonely people, and the willfully ignorant.

I still hate my father too. I love him, and I hate him.

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