Crazies Turn On One Of Their Own…

19 04 2010

…but only because he dared to be rational and started talking common sense.

A CULT?  Really?  You don’t say?

Hey there Doc, we atheists have been saying that for a long time now.  Welcome to our world.



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20 04 2010

Iranian cleric blames women for earthquakes.

Now this is just silly. Everyone knows that earthquakes are caused by homosexuals & tea-baggers. Jeeez.

20 04 2010

Of course tea-baggers are not to be confused with the Tea-Party. God loves the Tea-Partiers so much that it’s all He can do to not make it rain kittens and milkshakes for them.

20 04 2010

They weren’t already a cult? Hmmm….’kay! Darn, the Christians turned him out? Guess he’s lucky they don’t do witch burnings anymore. 😉

20 04 2010

Well some Christians still do, thankfully just not here in the US. I even have a link to such a video buried in one of my earlier posts.

Silly Christians.

26 04 2010
Snickerdoodles McPoppycock

Speaking of Crazies, have you seen what your boy Stephen Baldwin has been up to? I just posted it on my blog ( and figured you guys were all over it. I finally beat you guys to an insane Christian video… -Enjoy!

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