Clever Monkeys

8 03 2010

Some of our cousins in this video are more capable than some half-term Alaskan Governors I can think of.



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8 03 2010

I dunnoooo… Sarah Palin knows how to eat, poop, screw, roll her eyes, smile and repeat catchy phrases from time to time. She’s pretty darned clever! But yeah, I gotta admit that if you put her in a maze with a monkey, I’m thinkin’ the monkey is the one who’ll be the first to walk out with a grin on his face while Sarah remains behind and gives birth to another Trig.

8 03 2010

Ow! Throwing in a gratuitous Trig reference gets you double points on that one. Kudos.

9 03 2010

I couldn’t help myself, but the best part now is to know that Super-J won’t fry me in hell forevermore for being so evil šŸ˜€

9 03 2010

Bah. Worst thing I’d do to you is make you weed my garden (but certainly not for mocking a raging hypocrite like Palin). Evil on my friend. Evil on.

10 03 2010

Evil ahoy! …but I’ll pray for lil Trig to get healed someday. If Mary doesn’t do the job, maybe that Hinn fella can whack the extra chromosome out of him.

25 03 2018
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Clever Monkeys | The Gospel of Super Jesus

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