A Thought Experiment For You

24 02 2010

Before you read the article below, do you consider yourself to be more creative(in which you see the big picture, make broad associations and connect disparate ideas) or analytical (in which your brain zooms in and focuses on details)?

Got an answer? Okay, now go read THIS article from Scientific American.

Now what do you think? Do you think it’s accurate?



4 responses

24 02 2010

I think anyone reading that could only provide a subjective anecdotal answer to your question. For me, it’s certainly accurate: I already know I’m artistic (thus creative) and I find myself thinking about romance more than sex. (How much more I don’t if I can determine, as both rank fairly high).

Interesting thoughts though!

24 02 2010

I didn’t get the answer I would have expected. Hmmm….

1 03 2010

What if you’re horny AND in love? Then you could go broad AND go deep. That’s quite the 1-2 punch. 😉

24 03 2010

I’m fortunate to have both creative and analytical thinking.
In other words, as the article would describe: I love making sex.

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