Conservatives And Their Gay Hating Fixation

23 02 2010

What is with Republicans and their relentless hate of all things homosexual? Some of these people seem otherwise intelligent and yet they can’t recognize iron age bigotry for what it is. No, instead they delude themselves that there is an invisible being who spoke to illiterate desert nomads thousands of years ago and told them that He loves all of the creatures He created in His world…except of course for the fagots.

To any Republicans who might stumble on this post: Honestly, what the fuck is wrong with your brains?! Quit letting you leaders dupe you with their fear mongering and manipulations, stop being ignorant lemmings and THINK FOR YOURSELVES FOR A CHANGE!! I’m trying to help here because you look like the biggest douche-bags in history!



4 responses

23 02 2010

I am speechless. I stole your video and posted a link to your page. WTF?
You on the right should beware of what you wish for, because even you aren’t going to like this country if you succeed with these types of agenda. When all your “evil” is conquered, you will have no one left but each other to turn on.

24 02 2010

People like these are a disgrace to the true Republican Party. They & the rest of the neo-cons have hijacked this party & created something that is far from it’s fundamental roots. We are against big government, for fiscal responsibility, anti-war(unless truly necessary), for personal liberties & freedoms for all American citizens, as stated under the U.S. Constitution. These douche nozzles are NOT real Republicans.

24 02 2010

Hmmm they look pretty real to me. I think they are what the Republican Party has become. The Republican Party you speak of, Him, no longer exists except perhaps in the memories of loyalists like yourself.

Frankly, I see more and more of this stuff as the days go by. Teabaggers, Republicans, Fundamentalists… America will pay a heavy price if these types of people, along with all the other scary friends of Beck and Limbaugh, manage to wrest control of the USA from the hands of more sensibly-minded individuals. I’m not feeling particularly optimistic about it all, but I am certainly mad as hell.

24 03 2010

You let this happen. You have no one to blame but yourself and other republican voters.

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