CPAC, Gays, And God

20 02 2010

I have a twofer for you today. First let’s start off with a little Republican homophobic appetizer from the recent CPAC convention. It’s nice to see someone other than Sarah “she’s not slow, she’s special” Palin fly their bigot flag high and proud.

Excellent. And now we can move on to the main course of rational thought about gays and God.

I don’t know about you but one of these gentlemen makes a lot of sense and the other one is a repressed homosexual raging in denial about his insatiable hunger to have man meat in every available orifice of his flabby puss seeping, hypocrisy choked body.




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20 02 2010

I don’t get it. Which one is supposed to make sense?
The first guy is a homophobe without an ounce of human decency.
The second idiot starts off by blasting Obama, and his “first decision”, which was actually picking Biden as his VP. Of course Warren is an a-hole Christian, and I have no use for him.
Bottom line, both these morons are scum.

22 02 2010

The second guy isn’t an idiot, he isn’t scum and he’s not a moron. He is James Kilstein, a widely-known and popular left-wing political comic and radio personality. He is vegan. He is atheist. His comedy is carefully crafted to be sharp, witty and sarcastic. He is an interesting human being who is liked by a lot of people. Bottom line, just because you don’t like him doesn’t make him all the nasty things you just called him.

A lot of people, for your information, are rather disillusioned with President Obama. He campaigned hard on “Yes we can!” but as soon as he got into office he turned into Mister Milktoast with a message nigh unto “Let’s be unilaterally bipartisan and start somewhere slightly right of center so maybe we can…but probably we can’t.”

20 02 2010

That second video was great! ” These are people who raise a child for a better reason than the ‘condom broke’ ” LMAO….
Truth hurts, doesn’t it conservative hypocrites? 😉

20 02 2010

I am about as far from being a conservative as is possible.
If you knew anything about me at all, you’d see how ridiculous your comment was.

20 02 2010

I actually wasn’t referring to you. 🙂 I was making a general reference to the first video.

22 02 2010

LOL what a hypocrite! That Ryan Sorba dude in the first video is lispy in the lips and scared in the eyes. The more he rants, raves and protests, the more I know he desperately wants it deep and hard from a fine hunk of a man like Colton Ford. 😀 Someday maybe he’ll find the inner strength and integrity to stand up and say, “Yes, I like men in a sexual way.” Then and only then might he have a real chance at becoming a respectable human being before his mortal coil unwinds.

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