America Is Fucked

13 12 2009

When polls show that more Americans believe in guardian angels (55%) than they believe the scientifically established fact that humans are responsible for accelerating global climate change (36%) I think we can extrapolate that America is pretty close to 100% proper fucked.

Honestly, when can we drop prayer from schools and replace it with a mandatory class on critical thinking skills?




One response

25 01 2011
charles pittman

yeah they’re definitely fucked, but the good news is there will soon be a lot less competition for me. I’m just patiently waiting until i can start cleaning up the mess they’ve made. I love my mother earth and these people deserve everything that is coming for them. they will keep devouring, suffocating their empire. when the are fat they will never be able to run for their lives. i have dreamed it many times. they panic, fight, they stare in wonder.

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