Churches In Saudi Arabia And Bad Math

26 11 2009

A fascinating bit of logic for your Thanksgiving torpor.  Check this out, apparently you can’t build any non-Muslim places of worship in Saudi Arabia because (obviously) all religions other than Islam are false.  As means of explaining his point Dr. Zakir Naik compared this to choosing to hire math a teacher who cannot add.

Right doc, except in reality all of the religious “math teachers” in your example are adding 2+2…and coming up with fractions.  You ignorant knob.

What kind of doctor is this clown anyhow?

(kudos to Atheist Media Blog for this clip)



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3 12 2009

What kind of doctor?

Seuss, probably. Wait, he isn’t smart enough.

21 10 2011

i as a Muslim dont like this lame answer ,,
the answer is simple ,,the prophet Muhammad told his followers not to let any other religion anymore inside the arab gulf,,as this is the birth place of islam dont let any other religion to be aside in this place,,,,
and its simply true ,,if u say as an atheist and u have a building which u rent ,u have the freedom to choose and u say no Muslims allowed ,no Jews allowed no religion belivers allowed ,,its all up to u right!

21 10 2011

If your answer is “our country does not support freedom of religion so other religions are banned” then that is fine for you. Profoundly ignorant and arcane, but fine.

What I’m really pointing at in the video is the view of the “Dr.” that Islam is the only true religion. Islam is not unique in this view since every religion believes theirs is the only true religion. The point I was making in my post isn’t really about building non-Muslim places of worship in Saudi Arabia but about mocking such religious certitude. All religions are man made and designed only to enslave those who follow them, some are just more brazen about it than others.

That said, I believe people have the right to practice whatever religion they feel like (however absurd) so long as their behavior does not impinge on another person’s rights. I would not, nor should I be allowed, to prohibit someone from my place of business just because of the particular make-believe stuff they follow.

23 10 2011

cant agree more about the point u refer about religions that everyone says he is the only savior nd he is the righteous one and the only saved

i would not agree as man made .. as am a believer of god nd islam

still I like to explain something interesting ,what u have just said as freedom of believe u said
That said, I believe people have the right to practice whatever religion they feel like (however absurd) so long as their behavior does not impinge on another person’s rights.
this is exactly a VERSE IN QURAN talking about that ,believer or not even non believer is a believe in its own,,as ur religion is no god

but still when u think in reality there is no case of such a country that admit this to let any kind of group to perform there believes freely ,,take france for example now they prevent girls who r muslems to wear scarf ,,as they say this is cruel nd the girl is minipulated ,,but when a nun do this its an act of good ,,it doen not exist in reallity,,, but i would say ,,it did in islam when islam ruled
to explain more ,,that im not winning for my religion ,,see the history books,
islam was ruling in whole asia ,india, central asia turks, monguls ,northafrica, all under islam nd u could find other religions as critianity nd buddist anyother ,sun warship, watever ,they dont kill them or anything ,,,u have the free will to do watver under the big umbrella of muslem country, in IRAN the most scary islamic country still people who warship the sun and they live normally nd have there own places ,in india islam ruled for 800years ,while muslems where minority compared to hindus

on the other hand ,,,i dare u find this in anyother country in europe as cristianity has killed and butchered any living organism that dont say crist is god ,,muslems used to live in spain ,,now they r only memory,,,even the new world millions of native people were butchered for the name of religion,

23 10 2011

I appreciate the note back.

First, I think it’s a logical fallacy to suggest that not believing in any kind of God is a religion. Atheism is a philosophical position one takes in contrast to all of the religions out there, so if those religions did not exist then atheism would cease to have any meaning or relevance. Or as the joke goes, “Atheism is to religion like bald is to hair color”.

I appreciate your observation about nuns. I’m right there with you and I’m happy to point out the hypocrisy of Christianity, but I’d have to also suggest that the Muslim tradition of making women cover themselves up (just like the nun’s habit) is backward, uncivilized and treats women like second class citizens. Sorry to sound mean about it, but it is.

As for Muslim tolerance of other religions, did you even watch the video above? They won’t even let ANY other religion build a church or synagog anywhere in Saudi Arabia. Maybe you and other Muslims are more tolerant, but those following a strict interpretation of the Koran are far from tolerant.

I would suggest that you and I are really not so dissimilar. You believe all religions other than Islam are baseless and worship a false God. I believe the exact same thing…I just include one more religion in that list than you.

24 10 2011

i appriciate this conversation very much
i disagree with u i believe in moses and jesus all the prophets and in marry and we have verses in quran about them but we dont say they used to make sex and fuck with there kids like in bible we believe they r men who came by god that dont make dirty mistakes they would make wrong things but not dirty things , thats why if im not muslem nd read bible or to-rat i owuld say what the fuck ,am i supposed to believe in a man who made sex with his children as a holy one,, but in the origins they all came for there people in all the worldwide ,and that islam is the last religion that came by the end of time and there is no more new religions lets say islam is mac open source and cristianity is microsoft ,full of bugs no matter wat mac will win 🙂

yes i watched it ,,and i mentioned saudi arabia issue is a case not the normal ,,as u will find cristians in syria ,,jordan ,jews in iraq ,iran, the whole region was filled with jews,,, but saudi arabia is a case no other religion ,this was the prophet Muhammad will not to let other religion beside islam in the gulf,,
as to put a mosque in the fatican would be so meeningless

as for the women wear,,,this has nothing to do with islam only,,,u have to see the history again, ,,when u notice that women over ages used to wear the same way like arabs ,,cover all there bodies nd there hair,, in cristianity and jewdism ,,and also in other religions ,,and this was not just believes it was the way of the life at that time, ,see how virgin mary wear
incase of islam and arabs ,u have to see before and after effect
the women before islam in the gulf ,were so abused enslaved ,sold ,,u could get ur fathers wife as an inheritance from ur father and there was no morals ,,men used to kill there baby girls because they hate baby girls ,,having girls was a disgrace and shame and women were toys, and pleasure as now
by the way this was in other lands too not only arabs,,
when MUHAMAD THE PROPHET THE IGNORANT PROPHET he gave women respect and prevented killing children nd beside gods orders in quran u can see men and women are equal,,women can work and have business nd welth ,,this doesnt exist till now in cristianity ,she and her wealth become his,,
women can divorce nd ask for divorce ,,in cristianity u cant till now,,
what cristian voices say about islam as if its a shame infact is a solution
even marrying more than one woman infact is a solution for women ,,and many men who can afford more than one woman go and make adultry as prince charles and his misstress every one knows and he cant divorce nor she cant ,,,

when it comes to clothes ,,girls who want to wear scarf does nd who dont never wear but if u like islam nd want to follow islam, u can wear it or not up to u ,,but if u want to practice islam ,here u r show ur face nd hands nd legs only , u have to differenciate between free will nd culture ,
in muslem world religion has become culture nd women wear it as culture to show purity some dont want to show there beauty nd get married,
,,except in saudi arabia and iran which r 2 cases wahabi islam[which is about 200years old ,,and its a british made islam by elite master minds like sir lorence of arabi ]and shiat islam who came to power in iran after long time of preventing religion so when they had the power they used it falsly ,

but to see the moredate islam that used to live was destroyed by the end of ottoman empire and the whole region was occupied by england and france ,nd now america ,since then muslems r triing to connect with there glorious past of an empire that have faded and now its a new world order nd practicing islam is a matter of self learning nd people r forignerized americanized
i hope i didnt bother u with lots of writing ,,nd happy to talk with u about anything matters with religions nd speak freely ,,im not a priest nd i in egypt we r open minded

23 10 2011

An important point about nuns. They chose that life, and dress appropriately for their calling. In Muslim countries that follow sharia, or even devout Islam, women have to be covered. They don’t have a choice. That is a huge difference.

24 10 2011

Fair point. +2 for you. -2 for me.

24 10 2011

yes nuns wear it and warship god beside horny priests and make sex big belly, kill there babies nd make redemption the rest of there lives,,
no we dont hve nuns but we dress our women like virgin marry, wearing
is a matter of culture ,,as u see a scarf or veil as abuse ,narrow minded
in our culture we see your women as free flesh to try easy weezy so cheesy,,
freedom is believing watever u want without forcing others to beleive
come visit egypt nd ask women nd see for ur self

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