Obama Is The Antichrist

18 09 2009

Ummmm, yeah…right.  It is troubling to think people are actually able and willing to be sucked into such a delusional mindset.  If you think someone is a demon or the devil himself, I have two words for you…

seek  therapy




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18 09 2009
Geir (Gerhardt) Smith

hahaha !

backwards black obama smelling his white grandpa’s sperm mixed with his own excrement (go to the comments section) IN OBAMA’S OWN WORDS !!!

this is positively incredible and I wouldn’t anyway believe this unless it wasn’t guaranteed IT’S TRUE !!!!


This crap is our president ? (that’s where the *dent* in “president” must come from)

he’s the ANTICHRIST for SURE ! Voodoo time in America and fearing to go out at night for the BogeyMan !

Mixing sperm and excrement, smelling it, sharing smelling each others’ sperm and excrement mix, this has got to be Voodoo.

18 09 2009

Well when you put it that way I can completely see your point. You make a very coherent and cogent argument and I can understand your point of view more clearly now.

18 09 2009
Geir (Gerhardt) Smith

Well, when the President of the USA the Antichrist is quoted directly writing this
“Pop takes another shot, neat,
Points out the same amber
Stain on his shorts that I’ve got on mine, and
Makes me smell his smell, coming
From me;”

it’s pretty embarrassing for us all eh !

(You went and read the link right ? Obama is a mess. Oh ! Go check out the new featured vid I just put up, Obama is heckled by a kid just like another town hall meeting. No respect for that bag of shit, he’s crumbled to dust now. The crowd cheers the heckler on and laughs at Obama… no fear of the president there… The antichrist is revealed.)

18 09 2009

Yeah gosh, a poem Obama wrote as a 19 year kid about his grandfather is proof positive that he’s pure evil isn’t it?

Oh crap, would you look at the time! Isn’t it time for the nurse to bring you your meds?

19 09 2009

his could be a great movie: “Mr. Smith goes to Washington because the Mental Ward can’t believe this crap!”

19 09 2009

Geir, seriously, honestly…..*sigh*, I am so glad the wack jobs in this world have chosen now to come out of the closet.
Hey, SJ, do you think we could petition congress to keep these people from breeding?!

20 09 2009

I think Mr. Shaeffer, as a former insider of the uber conservative Christian right, got it dead-on right – we are dealing with dangerously deluded people who fall into one of two categories: 1) Cynics who do not understand or do not care the danger they’re unleashing; 2) Fat, stupid sociopaths who do not understand they are being manipulated and are unwittingly fighting/voting AGAINST their own interests. This nation is totally screwed – the loonies are in control of the asylum; in fact, I think our species is doomed – too many congenitally stupid people being fruitful and multiplying.

29 09 2009

Right on, Franky! I can’t believe I was one of those “anti-christ” and “rapture” believers for 46 years! This country will never again be great: these right-wing fundamentalist bigots have been given too much credibility by those who were in power, and we will never fully recover from it. As a people the quality of our dna has been compromised, and as long as these people are breeding, it will only get worse!

29 09 2009

(Oops, sorry Orpheus, you had almost the same sentiments as me, but you posted them first without me noticing your comment! Props to you!)

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