HypnObama: All You Kids Are Belong To Us

8 09 2009

Tip of the thorny crown to Zaius Nation who has the full strength, full motion version of this image.  Many who have seen it have immediately succumb to pangs of guilt and started doing homework that was due decades before (my diorama is almost done, I swear!)

Visit at your own peril.



2 responses

8 09 2009
Personal Failure

Crap- I viewed that and now I’m unable to leave school grounds!

8 09 2009

I had to indoctrinate my own son, since I live in a rather conservative town. All he got from the speech is stay in school, get an education, and go to college and get a job in a field your good at.

I am hoping however that the subliminal message was to be a flaming liberal socialist. LOL 😀

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